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BTL Enclosure Recommendations

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The BTL line is our flagship woofer. Its whole design is based on and focused on being able to throw tons of power to something in a Bass Race or �Street Jam� situation.

Options Available are as follows:

P Chamfer: This is a chamfer on the end of the pole, it helps to bring the air down around inside of the motor and helps cool the coil better. It also helps relieve the pressure underneath the dustcap. We recommend at the bare minimum to get this option if you choose this series of woofers.

Cooling: Self explanatory, the cooling channels are machined into the inside of the sub to help cool the coil FAR better. But there are some things that you sacrifice. There is less metal inside of the motor so it is a little weaker. If you are looking for a fart/burp only scenario for SPL we suggest that you do NOT get this option. Stick with only the P chamfer. Now if you are looking for a daily sub to beat on and you have 2000+ watts the BTL series is for you.

Flatwind: The flatwire coil option is standard in the BTL.

HiXmCoil: This coil is simply much longer than the normal dual 1ohm or dual 2ohm flatwire coils and allows for more xmax. If you are using this in a daily scenario we suggest that you choose this option, especially in the 15 and 18 inch models.

Inner Heat Sink: Its a machined aluminum ring in the gap that lowers the voicecoils inductance (allowing it to play up higher and have a little better overall transient response). It also reduces the volume inside the magnet gap of the motor increasing air speed with the cooling as well as allowing the coil to kick off heat to a more receptive thermal mass rather than magnets.

Daily or SPL: Simply put, if you plan on listening to any type of music you MUST choose the daily option. If it is strictly for a fart/burp scenario then choose the SPL option. The reason we have these options is the gap tolerances between the two are different. The gap in the SPL woofer is much tighter and FAR less forgiving in comparison to the Daily option. The Daily option simply gives the coil more wiggle room inside of the gap to deal with the non-linearity tendancys that you can get into when you are using a sub in a daily driving scenario. Typically SPL applications deal with 1 note and it does not change, therefore we can make the gap much tighter and get all of the motor strength that we can out of it.

Universal: This option gives you the choice to later chance the impedence of your voice coils. You can change from dual 2�s to dual 1�s and vice versa by reconing them. If you do not choose this option your motor(s) will be optimized per the coil resistance that you have chosen. (Dual 2�s will forever be a dual 2 motor, Dual 1 will forever be a Dual 1 motor).


BTL 12 � Ported box we recommend using 1.75-2.5 cubic feet @ 30-35Hz (I personally think that a 32hz tuning is optimal, and has the most output and is still the most musical daily driving). Use 12-16 square inches of vent area per cubic foot of volume.

BTL 15 � Ported box we recommend using 3-5 cubic feet @ 30-35Hz. Again use 12-16 square inches of vent area per cubic foot of volume.

BTL 18 � Ported box we recommend using 5-8 cubic feet @ 30-35Hz tuning, you can tune a little higher if you wish but we recommend keeping it close to 32hz for a daily driver. Again the same 12-16 square inches of area applies per cubic foot of volume.

Pictures and cut sheets for some enclosures coming soon.

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Product Review by Tejcurrent:

Follow the link to the post here: http://www.soundsolutionsaudio.com/forum/i...?showtopic=7337

Over the past year alone I have been through almost a half dozen systems in the constant quest to find a sub that was not only loud, but sounded decent doing so. I've owned Alpine, Kicker, and many other brands in between. I would only purchase one sub at a time in order to decide if it was worth buying more than one, and I never bought more than one. I had never owned an 18 inch woofer, and having owned 10s, 12s, and 15s, I wanted to try the next biggest step, especially since my 99 Yukon had the room to accomodate the system.

After I had placed my order for an 18" dual 2ohm BTL with cooling, 3rdMagnet, and HiXmCoil, I began to beef up my electrical system in anticipation. I already had a single Hifonics Brutus bxi2006d, and figured it should be sufficient after electrical upgrades (I found out later I was wrong).

I put in a 200amp Powermaster Alternator and an Optima yellowtop to keep the starting battery company. I Ran 1/0 guage to the back after doing the 'big 3' upgrade, and put in a 3rd battery under the rear seat. I wanted to have the box built so I could have the sub in as soon as it arrived, so I started to build that as well.

I decided to go for the simplest box I could make, so I just made a rear firing box with 8 cubic feet net tuned to about 35hz. Here is a picture of the sub in the enclosure. I only used a single sheet of mdf for the faceplate, and you can see it flexed enough to actually blow the rubber gasket from under the sub.

This was a picture of me holding the sub to give you an idea of how large it is.



This is how big it is compared to my alpine type-x 12


About 10 days after I placed my order it came in the mail.

That night I had it in my yukon and started playing it. The hit it delivered amazed me, it was sooo accurate compared to the L7 15 I had just before, and even rivaled the detail and clarity of the type-x. I listened to some rock and enjoyed the way it sounded, then pulled out some Young Jeezy to see what it would do. WOW, at a low volume it started tickling my nose and shaking things. As I cranked it up it became uncomfortable to sit in the car. I did my first hair trick that evening, and was very happy to say the least. After metering this setup I found out it was hitting about 148dbs @ 42hz, and still 145.x @ 32hz. The strength on the deep notes was amazing to say the least, so about a month or 2 later I put in my order for my 2nd btl 18, and ordered a 2nd bxi2006d. After asking around I decided to make 2 CRX style boxes (7.5cubes net each tuned @ 35hz) so that I could remove one at a time for work. I also used 3/8" bolts for the terminals to prevent leaks and make a good solid connection that I could interchange the connection from 1ohm, to 4ohms easily.


I tested just the one btl I already had in the new box and my score went up to about 149.x @ 42hz. In the building process I ran out of carpet, so I only covered one of the boxes, and as soon as the 2nd sub came in I put it in there. With 4kwatts rms going to 2 BTLs, it was by far the loudest vehicle I'd ever owned, and the loudest 2 subs I've ever heard. With my window all the way down I was able to get a good hair trick going, and figured it was time to get metered. At 42hz I was hitting just under 151dbs. To say the least I was pleased, but when I found out I was doing 149.8 @ 32hz, I was very happy with the increase. The lows are so strong you can watch your vision blur and feel the air move in and out of your lungs. These things really pounded.

This is by far the best setup I've ever had, and aside from 1 or 2 others that cost in the 5 digits, it's one of the best I've ever heard.



I know, the cars dirty.




This is a really bad image of how I set up the boxes, just with the subs where I plan on making them in the future.


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