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How many runs of zero gauge do I need

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This going to be my first time installing both a ho alt an wiring/installing a battary bank I feel like for the most part I know what I'm doing but idk how many runs of ofc 0 gauge I need from my front batt (duracell AMG 55ah) to rear bank (5 duracell AMG g31 105ah) 580ah total

*My battary bank is going in the middle of my van I'm thinking 8-10 ft runs of wire* maybe less 

240 mechman alt

Sound qubed q1-7000

probably going with skyhigh ofc 0 gauge 



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All you need is enough to carry 240a 10ft, one run of 1/0 ofc is sufficient. I would do one power and one ground run. More runs will not hurt anything but 1/0 ofc is definitely capable of carrying 240a over 10ft.

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