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Mark LaFountain

2015 F150 Platinum Build (Amps, Subs, Tweeters Upgrade) SSA Style.

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Could you play some rap maybe. Pretty please? I wanna see how low these can go I know you’re tuned to 33hz. Hope I don’t get flamed for this lol 

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Dude, you're set up for a truly successful build already. I noticed the Evil 6.5's in the doors! I just installed mine yesterday and I'm still blown away at how awesome they sound!!! Are you done or still got more to go?Good luck! 



Also, what kinda power on those f8l's and how many total? And how do you like it so far? I keep thinking about doing some 8's and taking the 12 out of my car. Especially after getting the Evils and then eyeing the F8L's today... Honest opinion man, I'm sure it sounds great but does it get fairly low. I don't listen to anything too crazy bass heavy but I like it all loud occasionally and I want my kick drums and bass to hit me like a foot in the chest when I crank it. Thanks

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