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Bluetooth interference

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The stock radio in my car has an RCA input hidden in the glove box.  I would like to continue using the stock radio, but would like to add bluetooth to the radio instead of using an RCA to Aux cable.  I had the BT-1A bluetooth receiver from parts express lying around the house, so I hooked it up to see how it would sound.  It sounds like there is a lot of interference playing through it.  How it is currently hooked up is just a cigarette lighter plugin to the bluetooth receiver and the RCA plugged into the stereo.  What do you think is probably causing this issue?

At first I thought it could be fixed using a ground loop isolator, but I have not tried this yet.  After reading some information on bluetooth receivers it appears there is a issue with the power needing an isolated DC/DC converter when it is using the same power supply.  Most people tend to use part MEE1S1205SC to remedy this.  I haven't used many bluetooth receivers in the past so this is all fairly new to me.

Any advice on what the problem may be/possible solution is greatly appreciated.

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