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DSS Ethos 10” subwoofer recommended enclosures.

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Hello all!


  My name is Dan and I purchased  a 10” DSS Ethos subwoofer a couple years back and I am finally ready to get it installed. I know absolutely NOTHING about this sub. The person I bought it from I have no contact with, however he recommended that I purchase the Crescendo Audio Symphony series S1500.1 amplifier. 


  Like I said I know nothing about this subwoofer. I was wondering what specs I should use as far as building a enclosure. I have a 2013 Focus St Hatchback. I would appreciate any and all feedback as to what kind of enclosure it requires. Thank you all ahead of time.



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Welcome to SSA.  That amp is no longer around.  If looking for something in that power range, I suggest the US Acoustics Mike.  It is a quality amp at a great price.

I would put that sub in a 1.5 ported tuned to 31hz daily.

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