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Which box to make (WiniSD Graphs)

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Good God man wtf am I doing wrong!! Lol

I always work on a good flat graph but without tuning really funky I've never made a graph with that much Volume ..


Here's my issue... I've only worked on winisd for about an hour or two total, so I may be doing something wrong but... Actually I'm gonna go work angraph now just to see what's going on

 Maybe I'm thinking incorrectly. It has been a little ng weekend and I spent every single hour getting wire run and placing my shit in my trunk.i would really like to pretty it all up with some of those copper SMD distribution blocks but that shit is expensive man. I'm guessing I won't likely be satisfied until I get something that looks that good so I should just go on and do it.. FUNK MAN!

Ok going to hit winisd now.

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5 hours ago, Chovich said:

Which box is best of them all? Subwoofer is Alphard DB315 (2.5kw) 1600Rms clamped 


The purple one. :)

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