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AX-TU1000C help | Parts needed

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Hi there, I am trying to locate a part for my AX-TU1000c.

I got it used and the 4700uf caps were bad, one was detached from the board.

Also the pin headers were cracked on the tube board.

I recapped most of it and replaced the pin headers but I need a couple parts.

The previous owner busted a speaker block and tried to solder it together.

I'd like to replace this but its very hard to find this part.

Does anyone have any idea where I can find this PCB Barrier Terminal Block? (other than buying a parts amp)

I could use a rca PCB Mount A/V Concentric Outlet too.

I did test the amp removed from the heatsink and it is working after the recap but I'd like to replace that barrier terminal.


IMG_3751.thumb.JPG.a253656d2ac405ed6685b7bf2c7363fb.JPGIMG_3752.thumb.JPG.afcac7723c4527c1de5fdf2a1d25beaa.JPGIMG_3741.thumb.JPG.98993c576513f001f52ef9b53948cd51.JPGIMG_3762.thumb.JPG.ccab109f0ec215ac403e9ccc2a453013.JPGIMG_3763.thumb.JPG.ed17f50ec610ff564c3d861961505ddf.JPGIMG_3765.thumb.JPG.12600ba272690a8d94cd6c73cabcd072.JPGIMG_3766.thumb.JPG.b5bdba0a096c9e61c25550f0764c04eb.JPGIMG_3758.thumb.JPG.2a89945e4443bbd2784f47d20472ce69.JPGIMG_3743.thumb.JPG.c92eb1308eabb5615bb5be48a51bdca6.JPGIMG_3746.thumb.JPG.232dee637d57cc470e744ac3fb53e81a.JPGIMG_3759.thumb.JPG.87e4d0a0bfe2e24354aed5ffc7bd20a7.JPGIMG_3761.thumb.JPG.435938374970a56c0d5a159a05be1574.JPGIMG_3764.thumb.JPG.749e41c4b3ffa11fe6c292c0ae4e228b.JPGI am




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Someone must have heard me.

I found an amp with the same terminal.

Sorry clarion but you're worth more dead than alive.











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I don't have any amp parts, but it wouldn't hurt to contact an amp repair facility.

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14 hours ago, Cartel said:

Is it still possible to contact Greg Carolus?

I don't think he is with US Amps anymore.  US Amps was bought and, then they bought RE Audio.  I believe nothing is sold under the US Amps name anymore, and Dirk might have moved on.

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