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Can someone review my box design

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Hello everyone, I am designing my own box and was hoping someone could review it.  Goal was no smaller than 4 cu ft.  Its an 18" Treo SSX rebuilt by PSI.  Treo recommended 50cu in. of port, BUT i told them I was using aero ports and they still recommended the same..? I was always under the impression they didnt need as much port?  This design is 1x 8" port = 50 cu in.   I can't figure out another configuration to hit 40 cu in, if 50 is to much.  Tuned to about 35hz.  (see attached)


Any help is appreciated


Box Design sketchup.JPG

Sketchup for box.skp

Box Design.JPG

Screenshot_20190310-002425_Ultimate Car Audio App.jpg

Screenshot_20190310-002436_Ultimate Car Audio App.jpg

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Posted (edited)

Seems fine assume these calculators are doing everything correctly. I'd consider a double baffle for the top. Designing and building enclosures should involve some trial and error so worse case you're out a sheet or two of mdf. Test the box in the vehicle before you do all the finishing touches (carpet or paint). 

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Do you have specs on the driver?  I get 5.86 cubes gross with a 33.12Hz tune with the 8" vent with either side flared.    I can plot an anechoic environment and measure vent mach, but I need driver specs.

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