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No audio but hella bass

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i don't know if this gets posted hear but hear it goes i have an L7S15 hooked  up to Pyle / pla4478 that is hooked to a atoto/ SA102 deck  the speakers are hooked from the doors to the deck  not to the amp  the problem that i am having is when i am playing music loud the doors speakers cut out but the bass dose not you can still hear the bass so i have to  close the  music app an reopen  it do get audio to come back through the doors when its playing its playing it sounds good an plays great but all the sudden audio stops  and bass keeps playing any help would be great  i don't know if this helps but it happens through apple car play 


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Sounds like 1 of 2 things is happening here, but first, please use some punctuation in your post.  Take the time to make a good quality post and you'll receive a quality answer in return.  Also, no need to post multiple threads asking the same question.  We'll see the first thread and respond accordingly.


Now, first thing is suspect is the app.  Obviously if you restart and everything comes back to normal, one would think it's the app, BUT. . . .

I suspect that whatever is powering your door speakers has some form of built in protection and it is shutting down or shorting out and therefore, when you restart the app, you're essentially restarting the protection circuit.  Please give us more details on the entire system.

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