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Hi , help picking sub for sealed box please

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Hello all I have been a lurker around a few forums for a long time and not new to car audio, but i recently got a new car (2001 audi a4) and want to take it to the next level. So I have been doing alot of searching and reading (hours a day) and posting a few places but i find myself reading posts here often so i thought i should just ask and get your opinions.

Enclosure      My car has a large trunk but i often use all of it for work, road trips etc.. So I want to build and install fiberglass boxes in the pocket behind the wheel wells I have measured rougly  and one side limits me to about .65 so my first thought was a pair of 10's one on each side. Recently though I have been thinking about a single 12 with the side that has more room I could get at least .8 if not a full cube.  

Power     I have already purchased an alpine mrp-m2000  the car will be wired with knukoncepts ofc 1/0 I will do the big 3 and i plan on the biggest agm i can fit upfront i may tuck a small agm some where in the trunk to if it turns out to be needed. stock alternator is a 120 from my research there is a bolt on oem 140  but i would probably go straight to swapping a water cooled 190 from a vw touareg if I needed to mess with it.

goals / benchmark    being sealed i am obviously  not trying to set records or do anything crazy but i want to build  the best system i can with my given constants. I like my bass to hit hard and sound clean  / accurate  I like to really feel it.  I basically want to get as loud as I can sealed with it still sounding good I don't want to be loud just to be loud. in the past I have preferred 10's but I think some of that was lack of proper set ups  I had a 10 l7 in a factory kicker slot ported box on an alpine m850 in my jeep and I was pretty happy with it for what it was. I tried a 12" l7 in a slot ported box and went back to the 10 but the 12 ended up in my sti on a jbl 1200.1 at 1 ohm and I thought it sounded ok but not great. my truck has  2 10" alpine type s in a sealed under seat box  powered by a mrx m110  and for the money i'm into it (about 300$ for everything) i'm content with it .  my favorite set up is the one i did last which is 2 10w6v2's in 1 cube each gross on a jl audio 1200.1hd forward firing (her choice) in the back of my gf's bmw. I love the way it sounds but want more.

Music    I listen to mostly rock and rap / hip hop with a little dubstep occasionally cause i like the bass lol

Budget    less is better but i will save up or by used to get what i need to do it right the first time

previous research    this has led me to consider the following subs fi xv3 or ssd   for dual 10's  a q for a single 12. I'm not gonna lie I really like the look of the fi's but i know that shouldn't matter but i'm a sucker for carbon fiber and color matching things. ssa gcons for dual 10 or a icon for a single 12 but that would be a lot of amp on it. one issue I ran into when searching is I find a lot of great reviews or comments but they are so old that a new version (or multiple) of that sub has been released. if any one has links or suggested reading feel free i will absolutely read it. 

the rest of my system    I will be running hertz hi energy components in a 3 way active set up with mid basses in the rear doors and everything tuned on a dayton dsp. The rest of the amps will also be alpine mrp either a f300 bridged to the mid bass and a f600 to the mids and tweets if I can find one or 3 f300's bridged 

thanks in advance for any help, chris 

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Welcome to SSA.  With your goals, and power, my biased vote goes to the SSA Gcon 10's.

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funky pups for the win!


Seriously though, can't go wrong with the pair of SSA Gcon 10's that you listed.  In a small(er) sealed set up, going with the two 10's will give you more cone area than a single 12,  and allow you to better use the power available from that amp.  And just from a look at them spec wise, they should excel in sealed enclosures.

Welcome to SSA.

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Well everyone (including fi) said go 2 10's for output so its between the gcon and ssd. I got the specs from them for a ssd with the high qts soft suspension and high xmax options they didnt say how the new qts affected the qes/qms so I just plugged the new specs into there chart.
Coils DUAL 1 | DUAL 2
FS Fs: 31 Hz | 31Hz
RE 0.75| 1.5
QMS 5.13 | 5.13
QES 0.36 | 0.36
QTS 0.48 | 0.34
MMS 279g | 285g
CMS 0. | 0.
SD 310cm^2 | 310cm^2
VAS 15.1 l | 15.1 l
SPL 83.1dB | 83.1dB
BL 17.11 N/A | 24.3 N/A
XMAX 30+mm (One Way)
RMS 1500W

D4 / D2
Fs. 32.5 / 31.7 hz
Re 8.0 / 4.0 ohms
Qms 4.22
Qes 0.45 / 0.43
Qts 0.44 / 0.41
Cms 0.15 mm/N
Mms 212.6 / 210.5 gr
Bl 16.3 N/A
SPL 86.1 / 86.8 dB
VAS 14.1 L
SD 320cm^2
Xmax 23mm
RMS 950 watts
Only down side I see is that i wont be able feed the ssd it's full rms off the m2000 if the birth sheet is to be believed but i have seen them clamp tested at over 2500. So the ssd looks slightly better for sealed with the updated specs but will I have the power to use it to it's full potential/surpass the gcon ? 

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Flip a coin.... Lol

I would run gcon I rather have more power on tap , then to starve a sub.especialy going sealed..little more power better..


I've owned gcon loved them,

I've owned alot fi stuff.loved them


If me I would go gcon.

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