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Subwoofer box size. Mtx 9500

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Gday, First time posting and I really just want to ensure I have everything right before committing to this build.

I have owned the MTX 9500 for some time but I feel its always been in boxes way to small for it and I never get the spl I would think out of a sub this size. I decided to design my own box now using subbox pro and wanted to make sure it was well large enough to work well this time. I will be using the Orion XTR2500.1Dz at 1600rms 2ohm. I am happy for other amp options to but its hard to find anything decent in Australia without forking out some ridiculous money.

WI checked around for what internal volume and had seen some running at 3.2ft3 which is large I know but if it fits.. I  copied in the other figures it gives me. I calculated the port size by x the internal volume at 14. I have seen you can x the internal volume up to 16 but thought I would reduce it to 14 due to size of the internal volume already being fairly large. 

Since I have never really built my own box all of the above could be completely out of wack and I may have just made some huge mistakes.

(Recommended vented enclosure is 2.25cuft)

Also I am not sure if this makes a difference to the frequency response but I mainly listen to electronic music so it has high bass and low bass notes throughout most songs. I appreciate any help. Be kind.

Box External Dimensions Width x Height x Depth 35.00" x 14.17" x 19.26"

Material Thickness 1.00"

Net Internal Volume 3.20 ft3

Tuning Frequency 36 Hz

Port Area 44.80 inch2

Port Inlet Width x Height 3.68" x 12.17"

Port Length 20.93"


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What is it in now, what are you trying to improve, why would you go 50% bigger than the manu's recommendation?  Some history would help here.


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Its in this unported tiny box. I read reviews where there original specs under size it to fit into boot spaces. Also when i have used this before i have seen cheaper 200$ subs with more spl than this. Tried 2 different amps. Nothing hhelped. I think this box does not even take into account the displacement of the sub and is to small as it is.


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I am going to take a wild guess that this is a 12" sub, so I would suggest going with the MTX suggestion.  Over 3 cubes is massive for that sub.

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