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Zcon Impedance Help!

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What’s up guys I’m sitting at checkout w/ Two SSA Zcon 18’s and needed some help w/ their impedance options... I’m choosing to go with the Standard Dual 2’s and wondering if anybody knew what the standard 2’s will actually read on a DMM before rise? 

Only asking because I know SSA’s standard dual 1’s actually read 0.7... So I’m assuming the dual 2’s actually read 1.7 right?
...Help meh please lol

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Impedance and resistance are two different things. When you measure resistance of the coil you're just measuring the resistance of a really long piece of wire (the coil). The impedance is frequency dependent. The advertised impedance is nominal value for what load the amplifier will see over the pass band of the driver. 

If your amp is rated for full power at 1ohm you buy a dual 2 ohm voice coil subwoofer and wire it in parallel. Easy as that. 



example of a 8 ohm speaker. DC resistance is around 6 ohm so its rated for a nominal impedance of 8 ohms. 


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