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Subwoofer/Amplifier Setup for 2004 Lexus ES330

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Hi All,

After a year of bassless sadness, I am getting to a place to be able to set up another system. Right now, my current research leads me to an SSA ICON (12" or 15" though leaning towards a 12"), FI Q Series, or Sound Qubed. I am also open to other brands or recommendations. My last system was two Sound Qubed HDS 3 10's and a Skar Monoblock 2200w Amplifier. I sold this system but still have the external audio battery to use. I have also had SSA DCON's in the past which I loved. I was reading online that SQ's products don't compare to SSA or FI.

What would be the best subwoofer to go with for a single sub setup? Ideally, I am looking for sound quality more than loudness though I'd like to be able to feel the bass decently down to the lows. Would I be better off with a 12" or 15" for this purpose?

What amplifier would pair well with this setup? I last had a Skar but hear they are a shady brand so would like to avoid it. I was looking into Soundstream and Sundown but not sure what's good really.

Is it worth it to buy a box already built like this (https://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/hitchbox-single-12-ported-enclosure/) or build it myself or through an enclosure builder? I am reading that port would be a better choice over sealed but want to ensure everything is tuned correctly to provide the best result.

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I installed the ICON 12" in my brother's car in the recommended ported enclosure.  Great sounding woofer! 

If you have the tools, building an enclosure isn't hard. I would pay for a design if you do not feel comfortable with that. Otherwise buy. 

If you can fit the larger subwoofer I would go bigger, SQ will be the same. You can always turn the volume down!  Just take your measurements and make sure the enclosure fits into the car and all that. 

For amps, just stick with the main brand stuff or any with a good rep. Name brand is great because you can resell easier if you get out of the hobby. 


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