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Ben Parks

enclosure ideas for fi neo 4.x

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Hello, My FI neo 4.x 15" will be arriving soon and I'm trying to get some ideas for the enclosure ill be building.

I was thinking around 4.5 cubes tuned to 30-32 htz with an 8 inch versa tune aero port. Going to triple baffle the box and have some internal bracing. max dimensions for my GTI are 30x28x28

Still new to car audio so id really appreciate if someone could verify that the enclosure im building would sound good. my sub is the neo 4.7 15" with an extra spider and omega coil, yes i know i should have gone with the 4.9 oh well... thanks 


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It is hard to say for certain as that sub does not have specs since it is an optioned up model.  But that box seems on paper to be a good starting point.

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