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Comparison of Abuse

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I was thinking about something the other day.... would love to hear some feedback

A comparison of abuse each individual component takes in your typical car audio system, (10,000 watts of power for example)

Typically, a pair of 2500–3000-watt subs on a 10k or 10k worth of power, so real close to double its rated capacity
(People blow subs daily, and recon all the time, and never say a word about the product, or quality of product. They just accept its part of the game and move on) 

$500 sub, $150 recon kit, EVERY time it blows. That gets expensive really quick, but still, nobody cares, they actually seem happy and proud they launched coils all the way onto the dashboard

Usually ran at 1/2Ω, so DOUBLE its rated load also
Sometimes 18 volts AND down to 1/4Ω, so at least 4-5 times its rated capacity easy

I have yet to see a system without enough batter power. People usually go overboard by 125-150% minimum

320 amps is probably the most common amperage. 10K pulls between 900 and 1200 amps depending on its configuration. That's 3-4 times the alts rated capacity, ... unless you have duals on your 10k of power, then it’s still double the alts capacity
Alternator goes out, drops two tenths of a volt under load, gets a little hot, takes out a rectifier or regulator and everyone loses their mind. They make a post at the next red-light, post pictures, get all upset, send their alt to someone else to repair thinking they will do a better job and talk about it for the next 18 months

Most abuse repairs are $75, half the price of a recon that you so happily buy once a week

So, to recap...
Subs ran at double their rated power, nobody cares when they blow, they buy "so and so" soft parts. 
Amps ran at double their rated specifications; nobody cares when they blow up. They care more than subs, but still, they call an Amp-medic or whomever and get it fixed with very minimal complaining

Batteries ran at below ratings usually so very rare for a battery to go bad, unless you are running voltage too high, which nobody does right? lol 
Alternators expected to power 3-4 times their capacity AND maintain a bank of batteries at the same time and when they end up burning up an alt, they go crazy

Order of level of typical abuse... In my observations anyway.
1- Alternator. (Most heavily abused)
2- Amplifiers.
3- Subwoofers.
4- Batteries. 
I don’t get it..why is it someone would be more upset that the most abused component fails?





Comparison of Abuse.png

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