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sealed 12 recommendation

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HI, Ive been trying to call the ssa store phone number for days  but no one answers.
anyways, i am looking to buy 2 12s for use in a sealed box. I have been told to get the gcon 12s. my power is around 2000rms.  I do want them to hit a low f3 in a sealed box. do you recommend the gcons? whats the f3 point for 2x 12 d4 gcons ? what size box is needed?  i also heard the icons are good. what do you recommend for subs that will hit low and hard and work best in sealed boxes? and is shipping within the US free? i appreciate your help and recommendations.  the subs dont have to be SSA brand just anything that is around 1000rms each that will sound best in a sealed box.



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I would do the Icons as Ive had them before but ported, I'm sure they would do well in a sealed application. The Gcons would work as well, hopefully Aaron or someone responds to help you further. Both would work and sound great.


I put my IA Lethal Injections in a sealed box and they sounded good but sealed just wasn't enough output for me, but we have different goals. All are great choices

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The issue is some music just doesn't sound good in ported boxes. Rap hip hop dub step, boomy music with low basslines and baselines recorded -5db and less sound best. But some genres of edm like trance...I've never ever heard it sound good on a ported box. But in sealed...it's a night and day difference. Sealed you get tight accurate kick drums and fast bass notes even if the track is recorded with a -12db and 63hz baseline. 

In fact. The only way I was ever able to get genres like trance and other edm genres to sound proper in a ported box is by using an epicenter but that device creates a weird type of wobbly bass if that makes sense (for those who use the epi they know what I'm talking about). 

I really miss the musicality of a sealed box and being able to play almost everything nicely without having to eq the shit out of it. 

I'll wait for Aaron to chime in.


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