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Ya whatever.

I'm new here, I've been around home audio more than car audio, I'm running a sweet rig currently in my loft (HK AVR 235, Klipsch Kg2 Speakers, CD changer) and hope to add an IB sub shortly.

My ride is a 1990 Acura Integra GS, but I also frequently drive my family's 1995 Land Rover Discovery (series 1).

I'm 16 and I really love to run. Over the summer I put in 300+ miles plus a triathlon; cross country season I'm not sure how many more miles I ran. During XC though I badly stressed my hip and finally couldn't keep running through the pain. As much as it hurt me, I had to call it quits early on in the season. The good news is that I am now healthy and running for track season, and I hope to break 2:05 for the 800 and 4:40 for the mile.

I am thinking about setting up a summer business as an audio-visual advisor so I can help people build their systems and give them advice on equipment. I'm also into building my own speakers, but I need to wait until my IB sub is built and I get some more cash to start looking into that. I've been blessed to live in a town with a} no real good audio shops and b} lots and lots of new people with cash who are looking to build new systems. Hopefully I can make a go at it. :)

This looks like a cool place, so I might just stick around for a while ;)


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Welcome to SSA and good luck on your running goals. I dont think I ever broke 5:45 in the mile.

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i like him already...


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