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    Please dont make more than one topic about the same thing, should of just posted this under your previous topic about boxes.
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    How about neither, both are not price/performance friendly. Spend some more time stating your goals, space, power and such and you will get better help.
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    The 2 saz amps are ok. Everything is playing in the car. The car owner changed the speaker cable, now he uses phone cable (pure cooper) and notices real improvments in the sound quality. The sub receives about 1700 watts of power!!! with the 2 amps linked. I sat in the car for a listen : it's insane, the bass is so heavy!!! Lot of pressure!!!! He noticed that the sound of the bass is clear, he told me he feels the low notes much much more than with his older amplifier. One more positive note : his electrical system suffers much less, he plays at 14.1-14.4 v. On heavy bass notes, it never goes too low like with his old system. He finally decided to get rid of his 2 caps !!! about 16 pounds less in the back !!! Today, the weather is sunny, I think we will take some pictures to post here soon. SSA subs + Sundown amps = Fantastic combos !!!!!!!
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    I believe in the flying spaghetti monster
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    congrats man! it is a killer amp! also don't forget to leave feedback on this site about sundown!!
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    Lol... while comical references abound for that, I wont be the one that starts them There is no reason why this cant be used for SQ applications at all. Not so much for the extreme motor force you can achieve, but simply to reduce the rear motor footprint in the airflow path. Or that it allows a similar set of soft parts to be used in a similar diameter motor, but now with heavy copper sleeving on the pole where that would have previously reduced motor force to an undersireable limit. It can be used in extreme underhung designs as well. No shortage of SQ uses as what SG does has nothing to do with the quality of sound, just a different way of achieving the desired motor force.