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    Aidan is wearing his I love soccer shirt today
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    The Zcons are the best sounding balls out loud subs I have ever herd. On another level, IMO. Others may disagree and no I have not herd all of them, , but I would have to hear it for myself to believe it.
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    DISCLAIMER: The annoying sound is NOT the subs, its my iPhones microphone. At a certain sound level it always makes that "rattling" noise through the video. Best I can do for now until I get a HD recorder. and my fiancees hair isnt that long lol
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    Having the exact same setup but just swapping from the XCONs to the ZCONS is night and day. I was blown away by the XCONs but the ZCONs take it up a notch thats for sure. They sound incredible too, for sub a big sub they sound great. Right now they are laughing at my 4kW but I hope to add another amp ASAP. Hopefully a Mechman alt also. Built really stout, and high quality. Hell even the packaging comes with 3" screws (which you can use to mount the subs with if you're short on big screws). Shot a prelim hairtrick vid but its not the greatest, since it was dark and i didnt have all my settings just right so it can be louder. I'll post it up in a few minutes but the official vid will be tomorrow.
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    i will take more pictures if needed just thoughed it wasnt, thats all have nothing to hide but honestly if your not intrested in my amp, then you shouldnt say anything,but im more then willing to take pictures to people that want it though, no problem there i will admit my username does look small but i will take more pics if really needed thanks for bumping though If you want to sell it fast you need pics not just words.
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    Just find a picture of the 1st Gen BTL with the original style leads, and there you go. I bet they're hundreds of pictures of BTL's if you just take a few minutes to search.
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    When you say need, do you mean its mandatory for him to put multiple pics and taking the back cover off(which I mind you usually voids warranty) just to sell it? No Offense or anything, but rarely you see gut pictures when selling, unless there is a defect, and/or customer requests it. And I've sold two amps for a total of $1800, one on here and one of CA.com, and I've never showed the inside. One amp I didn't even take out the box because it was new. Just opened the box and took pictures that way with user name and date. Anyways, OP, GLWS. I have a brand new aq2200d sitting right in front of me and there isnt anything that says removing this panel will void the warranty.
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    You need more pics of the amp,including the insiide.