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    Careful, Julian has been known to rape forum members. Lmao
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    Do your thing man! Be safe on that thing too. I've lost a few friends in motorcycle crashes, and a few that made it ended up with life changing injuries. Not trying to be a downer, just be safe and mature with it. yeah. iv been riding quads anad dirtbikes since i was 5 years old so i have a pretty good idea whats going on lol. i know they are dangerous as hell but im not in it to go fast or anything. i just like cruising on the back roads relaxing haha
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    im a welder/pipefitter lol ya im 19 but i still live at home,and i have hardly any bills... i make GOOD money to be 19 years old so i pocket most of my check every week. haters gonna hate hahaha. ( not trying to brag guys)
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    Maybe he works? I was 21 and had a new drop top c5 vette. I never had a mommy and daddy. I hustled for mine. Maybe he does too. Bikes really don't cost much anyway.
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    watts09 has them. Perhaps you can send him a pm.
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    I recently bought a pair of BTLs from Mac N Cheese. Excellent communication and shrewd business man. It's were properly packed, just like when they left the original manufacturer. The items arrived in a timely manner. A+. Unfortunately the shipping company damaged on of the items, not Mac N Cheese'es fault. I tried my hardest to get the issue resolve with the shipping company. They wouldn't budge and Mac N Cheese had to get involved. Needless to say he stepped up and took care of the situation. Great seller. Highly recommend. I could only wish that more sellers, both commercial and private would offer this kind of service. Thanks Mac N Cheese.
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    Plump booties make my mouth water.... not sure if it's an allergic reaction though?lol
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    Actually he said outwardly the motors appeared to be similar. That says nothing about similarities within the motor, and frankly he doesn't even give any external measurements of the motor itself to confirm they are anything more than similar in appearance. Also, if you look at the actual measured T/S parameters you can see they are different drivers. The Xcon has a higher Q, lower Fs, lower Le and higher Mms. Plus the Xcon has slightly more linear excursion and I believe higher thermal power handling as well. It is still an Fi copy with a couple alterations. Quoted "Any differences from the Q are probably in the voice coil itself and the gap geometry and possibly the pole piece machining." Coil is different, suspension is different, magnet ID is different, dust cap is different, gap is different, pole piece is different, back plate is different, cooling is different. You can step off of your soap box now. -the guy thats built hundreds of them.