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    Really the price per watt of these held me back for a while (that and the Crown 6K that I picked up last year), but I've gotta say, since these came out I've spent more in repairs and blowing up crappy chinese and Korean amps than these ended up costing me. I have still to do more testing, but initial impressions are "run don't walk!" and get you some of these. If you're wanting 1000W range they're worth the extra cost for the crossover and EQ options, and if you want more power, they're worth the reliability. I haven't had a far East built amp >1200W last me more than 6 or 7 months yet.
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    This build turned out great. It started great too. Made me start to put a system back in my work truck.
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    If we are going to be honest this is more of what your progression shows you aiming for
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    Lol thanks. I'm gonna get some PL400 tomorrow and get my roof fixed up, it's flexing way too much for my liking lol.
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    Some serious xcon flexing, looks sick mann, and the sanding payed off for the kerf ...lol ....
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    Keep it up Stefan! Your healthy goal seems to be working.
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    The epicness of the beautification of that awesomeness of merchandise I outstanding!!! IAK!!
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    The epicness of the beautification of that awesomeness of merchandise I outstanding!!! IAK!!
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    Customer: Hello, how soon can I expect to have my vehicle back. Jiffy Lube: In 0 weeks ma'am.
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    Another package I am awaiting arrival for are my 8 4/0 to 1/0 reducers, as well as a 4 4/0 in, 4/0 out MECA styled fused D-Block.
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    Yes, that put on remix is at 20hz...lol
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    Just took several vids, gonna edit them and upload them. All I can say is holy shit does this move a lot of air...and I am SO glad I did a kerf port. I can play 20hz full tilt and not hear even the slightest bit of port noise.
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    Played around with it some today, and the more I listen to it the more I'm actually tempted to say this xcon is LOUDER than my hdc3. On the lows my door panel flexes a good 1/4" and everything is just straight up nasty. On higher stuff around 40hz it's getting to the point where on some songs it actually makes my ears hurt slightly. There is a jeep up here that I've sat in that does just about a 150 with the door open and that made my ears hurt as well..I'm not saying I'm doing a 150 but It's definitely up there in the mid-high 140's. My guess would be a ~147, maybe higher? I don't want to jinx myself, though, lol..
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    Actually uploading ti at the moment..I'm gonna take another one tomorrow cause between the poor lighting and my camera it's hard to see any movement. However I can say for sure this sounds amazing...gets just about as loud as the hdc3 i had, but gets much lower and sounds just overall better (the hdc3 was in a higher tuned box and running at a lower impedance too which is kind of funny lol)
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    I'm pretty happy with the color. Need to work on technique. I'll order the rest of the material after I see it outside in natural light...if I still like it.
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    The 4/0 teminals I've recieved, and the ones 14k recieved, were not small like yours is.
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    Really.............. Dude no offense but go buy the correct ring terminals. I dont like talking crap but your asking for it to come apart.
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    Design take 2. Added .5" to the port width so now it's ~94 in^2. No more complaints, lol.
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    I think this is gonna be the final box design...about 7 cubes tuned to 32hz with 87 in^2 of port. I was going to do a kerf port but I have no place to setup my circular saw to do the kerfs, and doing kerfs with a table saw is just a pain in the ass, so I settled for just a big 45 instead. I want there to be absolutely 0 port noise and also have it be somewhat meter friendly.
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    Any info on the new series? Not until they are ready to be sold will any info be released.
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    The new ones aren't quite available just yet. They are a solid upgrade from the older ones though
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    You wanna see pics of the new suspension, chuck? Have Senchez take a pic of his hair. The cushion was enough to get this build back on top... If you wanted to know his part in the build.. well, that was it. This is what drives us. Between me, david and jason.. i don't know who can crack on who harder... Although, I can say David is pretty damn good at it at any given time.