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    Any out of town people make arrangements for their stay during finals yet? You may want to ask about the area before confirming reservations. You can text, message me either here or fb & I'll get back with you asap ;-)
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    Up for sale is my little brothers Sundown Audio SAE-1200D. He bought it used from someone on CA.COM a couple of years ago. We never got around to getting it installed and now he's hurtin' for cash. When he received the amp it was not in the original packaging and did not have the remote bass knob included with it. The amp is rated 300wrms x 1 @ 4ohms, 600wrms x 1 @ 2 ohms and 1200wrms x 1 @ 1 ohm. It's 6/10 cosmetically with scratches on the top and corners and is also missing the little white disk for the left RCA input, but as you'll see in the video it doesn't affect the connection. It's 10/10 mechanically with all the setscrews in it and it worked great. In the video I had it connected to an old 8 ohm Logitech sub from my old Z-580 set that the amp went out of and I also connected it to my XCON at 1 ohm and it drove both with no issue at all. He's asking $150 + shipping, we're in 47557 for those who want to figure shipping on their own. I temporarily hooked it up to the Jimmy for testing since it was NEVER connected to anything after he got it, picks and a vid of that were taken and the vid will be posted up as soon as I can get it sized down, its 27Mb now. This missing white disk. Pics of it connected and working.
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    Navid's Expo demoing yesterday at a competition in South Florida. 10 15" Crossfire XS V2 on 4 Crescendo Audio BC5500D. Mids and Highs are the PWX on the Concerto Series amplifiers, it was loud and clean. The bass choked me out a little bit. Enjoy and let me know what you think.
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    The best advice ever. You don't need our approval. Trial and error is the best teacher.
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    http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_17785_Boston-Acoustics-GT-2125.html A steal for what it is.
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    bad idea, any decent sub will be able to play up to 100hz without a problem. personally i would stop wasting money on cheap shit and do a proper install.
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    Obviously you had a shit ton of drinks last night...enough to where the stupid bug hit anyway. That wouldn't be ballin'. It's not the best for your budget And the phrase "I don't think you can get better than the R's" is seriously ROFL
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    Invoice number: I-18240/00 That is your order number and was emailed to you immediately after your order was placed. If your email in our system was typed incorrectly when you placed the order, then emails would be sent to the incorrect address. We have had customers emails sent to their spam folder as well. But it is not something that is manually done by us. If it was never received, then I am definitely sorry for that. I will send an email with the details to the address you provided when it was ordered (both the order and FedEx tracking for when the sub ships). The sub was finished Friday, but will not ship until Tuesday due to the holiday and still needing to be tested. As outlined on the site we are at 10-15 business days for orders right now and should fall well within that range for your sub to be shipped. Thanks, Scott
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    Sir, I'm going to have to ask you to buy a larger vehicle. lol
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    So I'm still a little confused. Are the batts you added inside the airspace of the wall or no? I thought that was isolated and shrunk down the enclosure size. If it is isolated I don't see the issue with the pressure. Maybe you could fill the amps with helium and just let them float around and not worry about mounting them at all. I sent you a text earlier. I figured you were probably standing in the driveway with the hatch open and staring lol. Sounds like I may not have been too far off
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    wow dead hop guess i'll do something productive like play battle field 3
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    Good Luck mang. I wouldn't know shit of what to do with that. But Good LUCK!
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    I would never play the stereo with the car off without a large battery bank. I've got 5 extra G31 batts and I won't even play bass at 1/2 volume with the car off.
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    that looks tight man!! Wish I had the skills that you do.... good stuff!!
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    Why are you trying to run that much power? By asking that I mean what are your goals? There is NO WAY bl's can take 3k a piece for an extended period of time, but that doesn't mean that you can't use those amps. I see that in your sig you are using a capacitor, that should help power 6000 watts.
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    started a tiny bit today, but more tomorrow