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    Why do I get a negative response for asking a simple question? It doesn't matter but its a question that I asked just to know because i'm curious to know. Do I find it important enough to call them on it. No or I would have done it and not asked. I actually like Incriminator audio and might end up buying two of the Death Row 15" subs and a IA20.1 with a IA 4 channel that I haven't decided on as of yet. But then theres people like you full of negativity, just have to talk so you can hear the bull shit you smell. I'm not trying to start a fight but you sir or ma'am are an idiot. I bet you're the person people say hello to and you respond by giving them the finger. All I did was ask a simple question, it wasn't negative in any F*ing way, I didn't down any company or state any false statement. All I asked was if the shit was made in this F*cking country or not. IF that was too much of a problem for you to answer that, why answer? Thanks for your reply BTW
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    Seriously? Have you not learned one thing since joining SSA? Your posts still suck
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    I didn't neg you and could care less about that rep system crap, but I clicked positive to even things out so you can feel better and enjoy your day. You got a simple answer to a simple question, so don't go crying about it. And I asked a simple question back, why does it matter where things are made? People all in their feeling these days, sheesh.
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    Matty sports car day in the hop
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    Obviously has no idea how a business works. SSA is hands down the best business I have dealt with. They will do everything they can to please you.
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    I've never had any bad customer service from SSA. Like other people said...shit happens. There was a mistake and they tried to offer you something else that you could use instead of waiting. And no matter where else you go the company would offer you something else too. I say give them another shot. I know it sucks not to get what you wanted but SSA is top notch IMO.
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    Shit happens. This is what any other retailer would do. They are offering what they have available to attempt to please you. Worst ever is one hell of a stretch.
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    Just shut up and buy a 911 already.
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    You kinda sound like the Alpine Type R kinda guy. Just buy the component set for front and coaxials for rear. This will sound like heaven compared to what your looking at. And they are cheap. Lol
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    Smells like bullshit and cookin' coils, lol
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    PWX 8's will not fit in 90 % of doors without major work. They are very deep and heavy as hell and you have to run active and also buy tweeters too. I suggest getting 4 nice 6.5 coaxials. They will have grills also. With the limited info you gave that's what I would do.
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    So, I tucked Gavin in tonight, and I always tell Harry goodnight as well. So I look in his habitat and he's nowhere to be found. It looked as if he'd burrowed in his log, so I thought nothing of it. Ten minutes later, I walk in to take a piss and as I turn on the light, I see him chillin on the tub. Fucking hilarious! I have no idea how he escaped.
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    Seriously. That brand new car is about to have some brand new battle wounds. Lol I really don't play my system that crazy loud so it should be okk! I only have it loud when I'm showing off to friends or others who wanna hear it.
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    So funny story, I got pulled over yesterday (first time ever lol and been driving for 4 years). I was driving on the freeway in Detroit after me and some friends (2 guys and 2 girls) got out of the red wings game and I supposedly swerved so a state trooper pulled me over. He was just making sure I wasn't drinking. Well 2 cops came up to each side of the car and I rolled down all windows, but they got outta the car as soon as I Put it in park so when they were walkin up I was just rolling them down. He was just asking for license and registration and one of the cops saw the LED lights under the dash and saw the condoms in the glove box and was asking if we were having a fun night planned and laughed lol my friend said safety first hahah he laughed. Well he came back with my license and said have a nice day and said hey you know these window tints are illegal right? I said well yea and he laughed and said alright you're all good. He was curious on why I swerved and asked if I was texting and I said I was changing the song and must of not realized it so he said Ohh gotcha and looked at my friend and said well hey you need to keep him in the lanes and be the co pilot and change songs and if he wants food you feed it too him lol and said have a nice night and that was it!! lol cops were so cool and no ticket at all for the tint.
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    AND THANKS TO CASEY (FROGCASE2002) I GOT A SICK ASS DEAL ON A LIKE NEW DD M3B. SO THANK YOU SO MUCH MAN!!! lol I'll explain later why but here she is. And here's for you amp gut sluts
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    Now for the box! So it was my first time using a router and I was going counter clockwise and bought the wrong bit so that's why the front baffle was kinda "burned". My neighbor saw me and gave me the right bit and gave me a few tips so the rest are good lol
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    Here's the subs! They came way earlier than I thought and I liked how the packaging was and everything was perfect. No excess glue or anything chipped. They looked perfect! So freaking huge!! They look so sexy too I love the black chrome and look how shiny those coils are! 61.7lbs each
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    Well I must say Jay, this is the largest event I've been to that had that many big installs all in one location. SBN of last year had big installs, but not as many, and were limited to play time due to local law. Slamology last year, was pure fun, but, it was in a giant field, which had mixed installs across ed the field. World finals, obviously no one was trying to demo, becuase it was word final, and not every big build was invited to world finals. So going back to this year SBN, WOW. All the major hitters were inside a good sized venue, small enough to walk to each install. My favorite install was probably Jason and his 8 15s. With Justin's right behind him, then Zack Metts. I had gotten a demo from over 10 vehicles it seems, which is a lot lol. The two most pain fulls, was this purple pickup truck, not sure what was in it, and didn't get a picture FML, and this van with 12 15s. The best thing about this show, again, is there was SO many large builds there!!! This car had 20k watts, that car had 30k watts, this car had 6 15s, that car had 4 18s, like, every car there was a major hitter. There was some big cars that I missed out on for demoing, but I failed by not charging my phone that Saturday lol.
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    xxyyxx Download his album, good stuff. It requires you to listen a good minute into each song though.
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    Are Incriminator Audio amps and subs both made and designed fully in the USA???
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    I am new to this and replacing my RE SXX 15 worried after a year it sounded cool, but the thing on E40 etc. to long might have to be turned down got a little smell. I have looked at Xcon wanting something lower and only way I could fit an 18" would be in a sealed box, upgrading to try and get more low end, handle Hifonics Brutus 2400 better, and hit all day. It will be one speaker guess everyone seems to call Xcon SQ sub more than Zcon, 15 would bolt in box net slightly over 3.55 aero port 6" might upsize box and run 4-5 4" tune it lower even in current setup probably tune it lower then RE was. I looked at the Zcon 15 because of the better coil and actually sensitivity on sub seems better. I know they say Xcon are under rated and not sure how much the Hifonics actually puts out but as it only ad on was an extra battery, big 3 and car voltage stays in 13s if not 14s 13s mainly at idle. I got hooked on larger subs when I had truck and 2 Kicker competitions ported into the back, sealed and sensitivity lower but sound always got compliments on sound descent levels for me on a daily driver. Tried the 4 12s more ear piercing then sound and lost low end or for myself preferred the sound of the 18s. Only way I could do a Xcon 18 would be in a sealed box not sure how that would work, too bad they did not have some in shops in area but I never heard one and guess just wanting to buy the right setup. Plus if we play a bass only disc something that will hit which the SSA line seems to be the way to go. I am new at this and probably older than most of you doing this so please bear with me and any suggestions are more than welcomed. I am in a rural area of only 6000 persons so I do not have the options of running to a shop like I did in Sacramento and looking at specs and outputs using box design software. Hoping and trusting in getting help here.
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    No on amps and why does it matter? Why not email IA and get a direct answer from the source? Thats the wise thing to do.
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    So on march 11th i purchased 20ft of ofc xs flex 0 gauge since thats all what i needed for my install to be completed.. In a coupke days my order status changed to ' awaiting shipment ' nd i patiently waiting until march 24 when it still had the same status.. I emailed support nd they reply telling me that ' we apologize for the mix up, but when you ordered it was in stock but went out of stock so were not able to ship it. Instead would you like the CCA xs power wire and the difference refunded? ' lol... Like are they serious? What kind of bs is that and then offering me to purchase something different rather then what i ordered? Oh well this is my last time ever giving business to this company. Will let all my friends know also. Thank you for wasting time!