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    Running...can't wait to see this thing in beast mode
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    Price range will be around 300-350$ shipped. Also, lifetime warranty
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    if you are looking to buy used go to E-Bay and hunt down a JBL/Crown BPX-2200.1 it will give you flexibility of getting full power from 4ohm down to 1 ohm and those things have current servo's with an effective damping factor almost 50 times higher than the amps you have already discussed...tighter bass it"s what I would buy if I was going used , those amps are awsome
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    I had a chance to play with a pair of the 6" version, and did a short review on them. This is going to be a mainly subjective review, as i do not have access to a mic to record frequency response in cabin. The setup: part 1 1 driver per door, crossed at 80hz 12db/slope ---- 16khz 12db/slope 100watts Rms per driver at 4ohm Surprising low range punchVery full sounding outputAlmost pronounced vocal output (but not in a bad way)Good off axis responseWould be great as a oem location single driver replacement. ( shallow depth is a plus here) I found the driver to better suited to my personal tastes in the part 1 setup. It sounds like a high output coaxial driver. I listened to it on multiple styles of music from Country, Trance, House, Rap and even some Focal JMlab test music. These mids played it all with ease. The setup :part 2 1 driver per door, crossed at 200hz 24db/slope ---- 12khz 12db/slope 250 watts Rms per driver at 4ohm Lacking low end output (to be expected at the given crossover point)Slight breakup on higher frequencies when crossed higher than 12khzHuge jump in output compared to the low power part 1 setupWould need to be paired with a dedicated midbass driver to fill in the 80-300hz range and a small tweeter to fill in the top end.Impressive vocal range output, hard to believe the output from a driver this size.At full volume it is a bit much for a closed cabin for the average person, and would easily keep up with a high output substage. In the part 2 setup, this driver would blend well with a dedicated midbass driver, and small tweeter. Its output was so impressive for its size that many of the people i let listen to it found it hard to believe such a small driver could have so much output. Almost too much output for a sealed cabin (some may like that though). This mid can definitely fill the gap of a horn driver, and sound better in a car cabin. Overall: This driver has very impressive output for its size, and can fit in a ton of oem locations. It would be easy to do multiples in custom door panels as well with the flat sided cast baskets. A great option for someone looking to make the plunge into the pro audio style car audio setups. If giving it at rms or over (which it takes with no issues at all), it would need to be run in a 3 way setup to get the most output out of the setup. But on low power it has a huge range, and can definitely be used in a single driver setup fullrange. For the price, this driver has a lot going for it, enough that if you are on the fence about giving it a try, just do it. You will be very pleased that you did.
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    Maybe if I put "Fragilé" on the outside they wont drop it... Might think its a leg lamp or something...
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