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    Go outside and measure your usable space. Bring that info back. While your doing that think of what you want from this system. What kind of music you listen to. Give these guys something to work with.
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    Note I didn't say you couldn't but it just won't matter either way other than typecasting yourself as a whiner. And to repeat...ant is a piece of shit. So is Steve and his lies surrounding the useless products he sells ripping off noobs
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    I'm a mod. You can hate me if you like. That being said there is no editing no hiding and no BS here. Means you type stupid shit it will get called out. All the effing morons from smd coming over wanting bandpass help and pro audio nonsense for all the wrong reasons is sickening. Everything ant owns is a fuckshow and he is a complete worthless piece of crap as a human being. Fuck him and his complete lack of morale behavior. All that being said there is no need to bump the thread. No one here supports that asshat
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    Stirring the pot makes you seem like you're looking for attention. That's a big reason why over there sucks so much. But, I won't judge.
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    If you don't mind blank covers, http://subwooferparts.com/
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    Hopefully you've also come to learn/contribute
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    Doing that here will get you kicked as a moderator. If I recall correctly that's why DSS is no longer here under the manufactures section. Only time posts are edited/deleted is for spam. I've been here posting and mostly lurking for....7 years now? I've seen one individual get banned for being continually destructive and aggressive towards the forum and its members. That's about it. A lot of extremely intelligent and experienced people here. It seems like almost every new person gets butthurt at least once. But if they listen to what they're being told they come out more knowledgeable in the end.
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    don't take everything on here personal , you will give yourself an ulcer
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    These are recommended specs. Depending on the power your going to give them it will change. You need somebody to model the subs in the box you want to use. http://products.soundsolutionsaudio.com/index.php/product-information/gcon.html
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    Don't spoil it!!! Just got caught up and a few episodes into Season 3. I had a few 'holy crap!' moments in season 2.
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    They tried to bait-switch on me for an out of stock item. Then when I called they assured me I'd receive my money back withink 24-48 hours which didn't happen. Called back again and told them I was doing a chargeback and I immediately got my money back with them on the phone.
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    I feel this topic comes up at least once a month on forums of FB. They are known for not actually having stock and not telling you that they are out of stock not to mention not being authorized.
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    Learn where the shift key and caps lock are....try them out sometime. Hate it when people type all caps.
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    You don't need to repeat the same post.
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    The Type R setup was a prefab box that I added a 3/4" strip of wood wrapped in matching carpet to the bottom to seal it up. Also screwed side filler panels to the sides of the box before putting it in the trunk. (see pic) The particle board in the trunk on the type R setup was just for template purposes but is the only pic I had of that setup. I screwed a 2x4 cut as wide as the trunk to the back of the box, one across the top and one across the bottom. Once the final panels where cut and carpeted that setup worked great as you could hide the wires AND left lots of trunk. I believe that box was around 2-2.5 cu ft. The FI setup enclosure is huge and had to be build partly in the trunk as the box wasnt going in fully assembled. Both setups work great in regards to being able to brace the rear deck against the top of the box. As those are usually flopping like fish in an Accord. lol Cheapest sound deadening I ever did. I would hit up Alton (a member on here) and see if he will design you an enclosure to fit your trunk.
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    This box is built in. The total volume of the enclosure is 6.3 cu ft. As you can see the trunk is a little small. I can still get the spare tire in and out though.