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    A 110lb sub will give you a hernia? That's cute.
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    Why? just "cuz" ? seems a wicked short cut to thinking.. just me. He has his "lil name" on one of the baddest drivers made........ maybe its you ??? A better question is why would you not? The guy is a complete piece of shit. His sole goal is to chase $$$ no matter how he gets it. He'll step on noobs, sell them useless pieces of crap and do whatever to make money. He even goes so far to embrace other crooks in the realm of car audio for his own profit. As for the driver, I am sure that has nothing to do with Godsmack's comment. That all being said, the buildhouse can control quality but can't stop an idiot from creating a dubious design that makes no fucking sense. Kevin from Skarbage proved this and was deceitful about it to the car audio forum world as well. He seems to have found a compadre in Steve which makes sense considering they both have the propensity to only care about themselves and are okay to gain business with non-ethical practices. ANY company that behaves like that should be shunned by everyone. Misinformation, lies and hiding of truthful information is not ever acceptable in any business. I know I for one have nothing but hope that businesses that operate that way fail miserably. It's downright criminal behavior.
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    Clarification was for the thread, not pointed at you
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    Yeah that's nice meep it up...need to order more SHCA wure myself this weekend or next...love the build O ON that daul alt kit if the you have both singer alternators and your battery lights cuts on you have to shorten your belt 1/2" or 1" to get that light off...well thats what I had to do...
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    Been a few days- been trying to spend a few hrs a day on it. Pics are better than words right? Made a mounting pad for the fuse block- ran the short pieces to the fuse block. Got the buss bars from Ill Customz on F/B. My son took a pic of me putting the cover on the fuseblock before heading out to the family Easter BBQ. Bank all cleaned up to show off at the Family BBQ- Business end hooked up up closed- still have to tidy it up a bit. Speakers hooked up Finally I spent today doing this.... Note the hint of the next step... That wire tho! Nice of GM to put these nice pass thru's- Slow and steady. it is coming together. Ordered the proper fusing from SHCA over the weekend. Hoping to install the Dual alt kit tomorrow.
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    That isn't what I meant. First step, SHUT IT OFF. Now listen to your mids. Optimize the crossover for them. The lower the crossover the less volume you typically will get without distortion. Once you find a compromise blend the sub back in and adjust the crossover until it sounds best to you. Then I'd go back and re-evaluate the previous settings as well. Your ear will be good at tricking you until you train it.
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    Sorry guys- been gone for a bit. Went to SBN a couple weekends back, and had a blast. Alot of bad ass builds. But my laptop went on the blink the minute we got there. Finally bought a new one yesterday. Then I've had all my boys last week, while their mom had surgery done, so the truck got pushed to the back burner. Any hows- what happens when you install fuse blocks and don't run wires to them for a while? you lose some set screws. bought enough to just replace them all. Then thought I'd run some wire today...and ended up working on my oldest boys truck. He jack the light bar off the pushbar I had on my Burb...and we put it on his lil Nissan I bought him. BUT- Tomorrow we are working on mine damn it! LOL
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    Truly concerned And you weren't about the FT1? Both options are puketastic.
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    Great shop of yours should have set your ssf right...
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    After all Fi design and builds SSA woofers which are the best so this sub has to be good