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    Easiest way to do it is to purchase a HU with front, rear and sub pre amps. You will only need the front and sub. Purchase a set of well made componants, a solid amp, and get a quality install performed. If you sre willing to do it yourself, there are ample tutorials online, and with 'plug and play' harnesses for your vehicle, installation is rather simplified. One thing you are not factoring in (since you want amps and a sub) is wiring material, and a box. Keep in mind just like with the installation of the components, the box for the subwoofer can really make or break the quality. J
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    Replaced plugs and wires today. Also got the Singer in place.
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    I love Fi even though it's hard to get through to them, and SSA for always being here to help!
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    Aaron is currently on a much needed vacation, that being said the DCONs & GCONs have been put on the back burner to make other priorties like the Evil 12 happen. There still might be stock but I can't say for sure, i would email the team at support@ssaudio.com for inquiries.