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    Got the 12" hellion installed earlier today. Thought would take around 3 to 4 hours. But ended up taking 7 hours for amp install, LOC, sub into box, and box into trunk, tuned a bit and all good. The installer seems very knowledgable and super chill dude. I feel bad that it took so long... I was there just hanging out and talking with him throughout the whole thing and paying attention to learn some. Will post more pics tomorrow hopefully after work. I was suprised about how long it took to get through the firewall with a grommet. I guess the new acura TLX are not easy to do. Also that the installer tapped into the power and ground wires for the LOC into the amplifier. Will post pics. Also I know the BOOM logo is not visible with how i positioned the box, but its not a big deal. Looks nice with logo and matching colors, but I'd rather face the sub towards back of trunk instead of upwards. One other thing I learned about today was "box rise". The installer told me even though the amp is rated at 1000 W RMS at 1 ohm, and the subwoofer can handle 950 W RMS, that at times I will often not be getting the full power from the amp due to change in ohms from box rise? Any1 care to comment on this? Should I have actually gotten a 1500 W RMS amplifier to account for the change in ohm from box rise? Thanks!
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    Looks good..how dose it sound? What 1000 what amp do you have now? Going from a 1k amp to 1.5k amp you probably wont hear a diffrence.all depends on the amp..ive gone for double rms and turn the amp gains way down.seems to help clean the sound up..if i can..quality of amp helps with sound.