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    Hi guys I’m back to show you a few pics of my install. Focal es100k in front doors Focal subs under the front seats Soon to be replaced by a pair of midbass. Audison AP 8.9 bit : hard to set up but easy to install in this car. 2 Demons 10” in a 2.6 ft3 ported box. non an Ampere Audio 1200.
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    That's NOT what she said.
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    It fits....with less than 1.5" to spare
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    Extremely... Good thing I made a sheet metal brake when fixing the Miata. I had to fabricate and replace: sill corner, small section of the floor, inner braces and inner sill and by hand they would've ended up looking like shit. Excellent activities to pair with the sleeping schedule of a newborn
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    Exactly why a luxury variant of the Mazda would be the bomb. I am getting soft as I get older. Buy something disposable. Headlamps are as exciting to me as camp stoves. The only two times I ever use one are cooking in the dark and fileting fish in the dark. Other than that learn to let your eyes adjust. That being said I camp where RV's can't go so that there are no extraneous lights as that ruins the camping experience IMO. One critical feature of all headlamps is a red light mode. It is huge at keeping your eyes in tune with nature. Blue white SUCKS donkey dick.
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    For as cheap as their cars are, the interiors are stupid nice! I miss my 6.