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    Speaking of new toys. I'm taking on a new form of transportation and I'm stoked. I'm jumping into the developing world of electric unicycles. A couple of my friends have them and use them like crazy. Huge learning curve but after you get it, as my friend puts it, anything you can do standing up, you can do on your ewheel. Riding it feels like you are in the future. Pretty cool technology too. Essentially, the gyroscope senses wheel when you move front and back and the motor powers up to catch you. My particular model is capable of 30 mph and 60 mi range. Some models can go 45 mph!?!?
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    Bench rest and just pull the trigger. Instant release.
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    That's a fucking rough one man. Normally I would advocate for things to make any other entry point painful as hell; but here prevention is the key solution. Got any out of work buddies with more time than cash that you trust? Pay em a bit of cash to be there at times. Might make a nice deterrent. J
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    That's a shitty situation to be in man. Sorry that someone is that hellbent on wrecking your life. Hopefully you can find a solution. And reinforce all of your entry points. I definitely agree with the concept of, make it too noisy and obvious to be worth trying. This is what stops them most of the time. If they think it's too likely they'll be caught they move on. Although it sounds like in your situation it's very directed and not random. Have you looked at bowley locks? https://www.bowleylockcompany.com/store/p11/Bowley_Lock_Grade_3.html These are designed to prevent bumping/picking/raking.
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    Borrow an attack dog.