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    Just got back from a short trip to Wyoming. Man, is it fucking GORGEOUS out there.
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    The only driver I could personally recommend would be the Gcon. There are hundreds on the market, but I like to stick with SSA.
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    https://www.steelcase.com/products/office-chairs/leap/ I have an older version. I found them at a place that sells office 2nd hand office furniture. I got a GREAT deal. I was able to get a tall piston for one of them to accommodate my architect desk. You will find these office furniture resellers in almost every city. Check local and find something dope. The place I went hires people who are rehabilitating. Felt good supporting them. HumanScale chairs are pretty fantastic as well last time I checked. Herman Miller makes one that’s really amazing if your not a giant. It’s a step up from the aeron. I feel the Aeron is a bit over rated.
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    I was in Sheridan and Big Horn National Forest.
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    I'll be headed up to Colorado for a week, on the south side of Denver. Looking forward to escaping the heat and getting in some hikes!
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    So I've heard. Waiting word back on a position in Montana and moving on to the next step. They make it sound like they want to fly me out there for a visit, so I'm awaiting the decision, and hopeful. I'd love to visit out there, and possibly relocate myself. Getting insane down here. J
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    I’m honestly 6 month in to a work from home job with a low end chair my wife still has from college. Lol My wife uses a medicine ball mostly. I’d be interested to hear options as well!
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    Figure it's time for something new in here lol I'm doing a lot more writing and editing of photos lately. The computer chair I picked up a few years ago just isn't comfortable 5 years later. What is everyone using and how do ya like it? J
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    I need to have a beer with you and talk. I literally don't have any idea what bitcoin even is. I am a bit tongue in cheek there, but I can't invest in something I don't understand.