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  1. On 9/14/2016 at 2:09 PM, musgofasa said:

    If anyone is interested in the models here are three spl graphs.....Red is 4th order (10.5sealed, 31.5ported) dark blue is ported (21cu ft at 28hz) and green is 6th order (18rear at 24hz and 25front at 50hz)


    model the 4th order bp at 9 sealed and 18 ported tuned at 44hz that should smooth response out and still have a decent passband and peak. 

  2. here is a start!

    48F5132B-46A3-4639-8566-31B6072CBA80.jpg the reason i had to do a triangle is since i am using the new body style seats,  they sit about 2 inches closer to the door.  Oh well mids firing into the seat make me mad anyways lol4622FEE8-A116-479F-AF1E-F45B4B10EF6E.jpg

    Now I just have to decide whether to paint the panels or wrap with suede and vinyl...

  3. 14 hours ago, Billy Jack said:

    I'm reading, and listening, to a engineer explain time domain/frequency domain, as it pertains to designing a audio system. As far as I can understand, they use hertz as a measurement to calculate the frequency and milliseconds as a measurement to do their mathmatical equations to determine a sign wave as it pertains to frequency and time. Maybe I worded that wrong but it's the best I can do until I study some more, just trying to figure out the basic principals of it and what it all means. Complex stuff.

    frequency related to hertz,  herts would be the cycles per second.  so if a frequency is 30hz,  that means it is 30 cycles per second.  the speaker moves up and down 30 times in a second.  is that a better laymans terms for you?

    On your graph of Frequency/time,  most people use seconds being that hertz is how many cycles per second.

  4. 48 minutes ago, Kylar96 said:

    I know. Im more worried about the trans poopin out. Its only a 1500. But, it does have OEM lift bags in the rear. One leaks a bit. But we know how far we can drive before we have to "top it off" a bit.  At this point, it is the rig breaking down that has me more worried than the gear or scores and shit. But,...... on ward we go. :) The transpos should be here anytime for alt regulation to 18v, and weve came up with an idea how to get the amps mounted :) Work all weekend, but well get hard at it soon. 

    this whole paragraph, is what made me go lithium.  have 2 25lb batterys powering 30,000 watts.  yea thats insane.  the money i saved on suspension upgrades, went to the lithiums :) 

  5. 5 minutes ago, jcarter1885 said:

    I was going to say, its been a long time coming. Glad to see it done, shit is badass and getting down. :droolcup:

    Thanks,  hopefully ill be at world finals this year competing.  im gonna try my hand at some meca, metering at the headrest.  and i think there is a show in a month or so down in texas. i may hit that when the windshield gets here.

  6. 10 hours ago, Florida_Audio said:

    that window shatter was intense, too bad the video stopped right after lol. wanted to see the after reactions lol


    so when u replace it, would you use some special type of wind shield? or just another regular one? wondering how to prevent it from happening again?

    yea we were sweaty and all the glass shards stuck to our legs, face, and arms lol.  it sucked.  the reason he stopped the video is because and soon as it happen the guy recording saw a huge puddle of antifreeze on the ground lol.  my radiator spilt mid way through that demo. haha talk about a 2 for one special!! 


    my new Lexan half inch thick windshield will be here in 2 weeks.  it wont shatter like glass will.  but it is 8 times the price of a windshield lol.  with that, ill be welding in a stripper pole to see if that will help roof and floor flex on the 60k.

  7. Taramp hd 15k's with proper voltage they do clamp at 14k.  just on the 2 amps and 11 volts i am at a 162.7 before the floor and windshield popped.  im probably gonna lose a good bit when i brace the floor.  my lexan windshield will be here in 2 weeks.  WOOHOO!! 


    Keep in mind, lol i havent put the port in yet. so that should either gain or lose(hopefully gain). haha