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  1. Thanks, yeah it will. The 2001 Sierra C3 is a rare truck; the only year it came out was 2001 and the next year it was renamed a Sierra Denali...so I have been hunting down a good deal for at least a year, and I finally found one!

    I pretty much drool everytime I see a C3 driving around...ahhhhhh

  2. lil wayne ft. trae - screwed up (low and some high to low sweeps)

    Killer Mike - 10 G's (hits 28hz lines and pounds!!!!)

    I Shine Cuz I Grind - Crime Mob

    Killer Mike - Put The Pressure On

    Trae - In Da Hood

    Trae - Real Talk

    Lil Wayne - 3Peat

  3. How can you get a cold in such a warm climate ? :P

    i don't know about in AZ but the air quality has suffered with all this heat here in CA. the bay area was disgusting last week, but it rained all night here in santa barbara so i'm good :)

    i can smell trees and the ocean again, not woodsmoke and car exhaust.

    that must have been when it was 50 in alaska haha