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Found 41 results

  1. Robert Christman

    Subwoofer Dilemma!!!!!!!!

    Hello everybody I'm trying figure out what would be a good spl subwoofer that i can throw in my 2003 chevy tahoe i got 1k saved for subs cant fig out should i go with 4 12's 4 15's OR 2 18's I only got a 48"x48" space because im keeping the rear seats in taking out the tired row only 48x48 i can do 6 12s or 4 15's maybe 3 18s If i wanted to..... So the dilemma is what brand i wanting to spend any were from 350-400 per a sub Fi BTL Re audio even tho there not like they used to be soundqubed DD sundown
  2. Robert Christman

    Fi BTL 18s?

    I was just wanting to know if any body know's what happend to the FI BTL 18 b2 b3
  3. rustydawwg

    Xcon 15" Review

    I recieved my xcon 15" a week ago, and Wow! where do I begin? After obsessing over craftsmanship (simple yet eye catching) I ended up using a 3.2 cu. ft. enclosure tuned to 30hz. This beast is powered by a 1000/1 (4 ohms) and a nak for the sound source. If there's a way to describe how hard and clean this thing pounds, It's bruce lee kicking you spot on your chest with the music. This is a great subwoofer, I've heard W7's and this one takes the cake especially at its price. Enough talk here's some photos: My ride quick comparison to alpine type r 12" Boxed, carpeted, ready to thump! I would like to thank Aaron, Mark, and the rest of the people at this company for excellent customer service. It was a 2 month stretch but very well worth it for my patient ears.
  4. soslogeo

    Box calculator

    My 15 will be here today, and ive spent the last week drawing up designs but before i commit to any, does anyone have a more accurate box calc than Re.com? My friend used it and his came out nearly a 1/4 cubic foot bigger and tuned like 4~hz higher than what re box calc told him.
  5. I would like help with a design of a box for a Sundown Audio SA 12" sub woofer , that is 12" at the bottom, 8" at the top 17" tall and 30" long, with the sub woofer mounted on the slanted side. I would like it to be ported, and tuned to 32 HZ. Again, 3/4" MDF 12" bottom 8" top 17" tall 30" long Tuned to 32 HZ Sub-woofer mounted on slanted side Truck-box style.
  6. Trent Hari

    Subwoofer Break-in

    Okay I'm sorry in advance if this topic has been posted about before in this forum but to my credit i did look. I just recieved my sa-12 (dual 4 ohm) from ssa yesterday and i have it on a jx 1000/1 wired to 2 ohms in a ported box thats too small for it (sorry but thats how it is) it sounds good though. I try to avoid hammering on it for too long but I do turn it up to the full 1000 watts for a few seconds at a time. I just want to break it in correctly to avoid blowing it or damaging it because i do exceed the rated power sometimes. How important is "breaking in" a subwoofer in is and if it is important, what is the correct procedure to break it in? Also what does "breaking in" a sub do that is so important?
  7. I'm selling a pair of brand new Sundown SA-8 v2 Dual 2 Ohm subwoofers. They have never been installed or seen any power. I was planning to put them into my truck but couldn't get a box to work so I'm going in a different direction. I opened one of the boxes to verify they were in there (and to look at it, it's a beast!) but the other is still sealed. I bought these from SSA for $185, I'll sell them for $165 each or $310 for the pair. Send me a PM if you're interested. Patrick
  8. The first time i bought trunk audio a bought a 1000W kenwood amp and 2 12" 400W kenwood speakers. and when i connected them in series + to - it was ok bass but when i turned it up past 20 volume the music got louder but the bass got quieter. and when i connected them in parallel it was awesome very loud sound and bass but the amp heated up a lot please recommend me a amp and speakers i should get that will be loud and make by trunk bounce lol
  9. timothy

    s10 SKAR VVX 15 install

    Im building a box to fit int he back wall of an s10. looking for about 32-33hz tune. I have box plans drawn, will email with replies. Current box is about 7cubes and is in the bed of the truck. Speaker is Skar VVX d2 15 on a roughly 2000watts@1ohms amp. Thanks.
  10. njanowsky


    hey guys, i ordered an 18in fi bl on the 20th and it's now the 23rd and it still says "awaiting payment" every time i check my order status. is this normal? how long should this process usually take? should i be concerned? any feedback on this whole process is greatly appreciated, thanks!
  11. ok so im designing a box for two 12 inch xcons, ported going into my 2007 scion tc(Hatchback). Right now i have a decent box but its time for a rebuild. My box right now is 40.5 inches wide, 20 inches deep, and 17 inches high behind the rear seats. Its tuned at about 29-31 htz(not too sure). It does a 143.7 on the meter sealed up on the glass. No deadening, no beauty panels. But my concern is that my port is an Lport on the drivers side, it only goes halfway across the box so one woofer is above the port and the other is not. Im worried that the sub above the port is loading off of it and the other is not. If it is i want to fix this, so a rebuild is underway. It has been almost a year with this box so i might as well. What i want to know is, what is the best placement of the port and woofer? Sub up/port back? Sub back/ Port back? Sub forward/port forward? sub up/ port sidefiring? Sub forward/ port sidefiring? Sub back/Port sidefiring? Im using winisd to help design it and also using google sketch up. I am going to be putting two 12 inch xcons D1 woofers on about 2400 rms(soon to be ALOT more tho) What amount of port area do i need for the enclosure? will be updating this thread with more info as i go, along with shit loads of questions. Also going to design each enclosure and post a pic from sketchup of it along with specs, so i can get some sense of confirmation. kinda doing this to see if a better design will put up a better number. still with no deadening and no beauty paneling. Then will add beauty panels and test again, then remove it all and deaden the shit out of the car and see what it does. IDK why i wanna do that, jus kinda curious i guess.
  12. Alright so I decided to go for the two Sundown E series 12" subwoofers rather than the SA series 15" subwoofer. I was told and thought the answer was reasonable, that two 12" E series will have better SQ and SPL than a single SA series 15" sub. I was wondering if anyone had them(The E series 12's), and would recommend a certain Ported enclosure size, I'm going to use Aero Ports... My max dimensions are 14h x 34w x 20d. I don't want to go any bigger, I'd enjoy a little wiggle room in my trunk. Height and Width are maxed, Depth can be extended quite a bit. I'm thinking of tuning my box to around 30-35Hz. Has anyone had these subs in a ported enclosure, can you give me feedback on if you'd want to go a little bigger or smaller? I might end up just letting the person I'm going to higher to build the box work those kinks out, since I don't have the tools to do it myself...
  13. Need some advice\input, Looking to build an outdoor\patio subwoofer enclosure and find a suitable subwoofer to put in it. I am completely new to outdoor audio, my initial thoughts were a marine subwoofer and a birch box doused in resin and truck bedliner? Again, TOTALLY new to all of this so i may be way off. Whatever the sub and enclosure material, they will both need to stand up to the very muggy, hot central indiana summer weather. Sealed or possibly PR enclosure, Will be powered by a dayton 150 watt amp. Any and all input is greatly appreciated, thanks.
  14. i9z4real@yahoo.com

    WTB: two 12" or 15" DCON D4

    Looking to buy either two 12 inch or 15 inch DCON D4's whether in enclosure or not
  15. i9z4real@yahoo.com

    SA-15s Questions

    Planning on running two SA-15s probably off something like this http://www.sonicelec...-BK1300.1D.html in the back of a 2000 ford focus wagon. Would subs like these require an alternator upgrade or would they run fine off stock, and also if SA reccomends a 3.0-4.0 ft^3 @ 35hz ported box for one sa-15; around what size do you think two of these would require? And would a box that big fit in the back of a ford focus? Any help and suggestions on things I havent asked here are also appreciated !
  16. I currently have a 2005 single cab Dodge Ram 1500. I recently ordered a Sundown Audio SA-8 D4 v.1. I have a 1k Hifonics Mono Amp i was hoping to push this sub with. Im having issues getting a box design. I built my own and friends boxes but only merely guessing needed airspace and very unfamiliar with tuning. I under stand its got to do with the driver, box volume and port length and size but beyond that im a noob. From reading around I've seen that these subs need about .5-.75 cubs of box at about 30 to 40hz? My first box attempt was around .6cubs but the port was about 1"x8" and only 27" long which im almost positive is incorrect because the sub will not even do any notes below 40hz with tones. I need some assistance on where i should start box wise and if it would be possible to fit 2 of these subs in the back of my truck. To give and idea of what the space is like I currently have a 4.cub box with 2kicker 12's behind the seats. the box is around 40+"x11x14. Im sure there's room is mainly the videos from YouTube with these subs with ports bigger than the actual box space is what scares me. I appreciate the future help.