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Ok so this is the first time I'm amping some mids/highs in my car using a 4 channel amplifier. I have 2 infinity reference 6x9s by an SSL F400. I bought one of those cheap amp hookup kits from walmart just to fill in the gap for wiring I didnt have. (8gauge power and rcas) I got really bad engine noise at first through the 6x9s. I troubleshoot and made a new ground for the headunit to the chastity of the car, also made a new ground for the amp to go to the same ground my battery in the trunk is grounded to. (strut ground) the engine noise was reduced but is still present. everything sounds good, but there is still some audible distortion. I have a pair of stinger bass blockers on these 6x9s supposed to block 0-300 hz @ 4 ohm, but I'm pretty sure 6x9s are 2 ohm. (it never said on the box but from what i Looked up they seem to be 2 ohm, and ohmage meter doesnt seem to want to cooperate) I have an hc1800 in the trunk strut ground with 0 gauge. up front theres an duralast platinum with big 3 upgrade, fuse block, engine ground, alt power, strut ground, all 1/0 and 0. Bass: powering an Fi Q with a mmats d300hc. door speakers are not amped therefor no alt wind is audible through them. does the RCAS used in the application make a difference? ex. using a 20$pair of stinger RCAS compared to these cheap walmart scosche stuff..I bought a new pair even though I've established that it wasnt the rcas to make the noise, isnt headunit, and isnt amp ground, but it still may be the config I have my grounds..leave to open conversation for troubleshoot. I also just figured out that the noise gets worse when I play through my auxillary cord. Well its not an auxillary its a cord adapter that uses ext in in replace of the cd changer I believe. Headunit is an older JVC KD-720. Starting to think that its the problem, but then again I'm thinking grabbing power from the back battery for the 4 channel instead of running power from the front battery is the problem? Just bought some 1/0 and going to ground the back battery to the front battery - . good idea or worthless?

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Wow use paragraphs..

A little hard to understand, from what I got out of it is you have a four channel running your 6x9s and you are getting alternator whine. You also have a second battery that is grounded via strut tower. It sounds like you have a ground loop and you should try grounding your RCAs this could be another solution. Maybe a ground loop isolator, not something I would us as it is more of a bandaid than anything. Make sure all grounds are on unpainted metal up front and in back!

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    • By musgrove
      I'm nearing the finish line in an installation that includes a new HU with FT/RT, FR/LT RR/RT RR/LT, and a SUB output, plus an unmarked, unidentified in the manual, RCA output on the back of the HU next to the SUB output.

      I have a 5 channel amp that has Channels 1(white), 2(red), 3(white) and 4(red) marked clearly on the amp, plus a SUB RT(white) and SUB LFT(red) input, all input by RCA.
      The same amp has 4 sets of output terminals, 1 each for + & -. It also has 2 terminals for the sub (+ & -), which connects to the sub on R &L posts.

      So, first question:
      How do I run a cable from the HU, which is 1 RCA connection, to the AMP, which has both LT and RT RCA input connections?

      Second question:
      I also have the White, Grey, Green, Violet (+&-'s) hooked up from the HU to the wiring harness that goes to the speakers. The reason for this was that I have six speakers placements: 2 6.5" in the front doors, 2 6.5" in the rear doors. In the dash, I removed the tweeters that were in a plate and replaced them with Infinity Kappa20's midrange speakers that have bandpass crossovers that handle 550hz-7Mhz hooked up.

      Just to confuse things more, The manual for the amp shows The channel 1 speaker attached to the channel 2 output terminals(+&-) and the channel 2 speaker (+&-) attached to the channel 1 terminals. Channels 3 and 4 are where I expect them, 3 & 4. And then again for the SUB it has + and - terminals to go to + & - posts on the SUB.

      I've routed every plug in every location and checked each speaker, one by one by changing the fader/balance in different combinations to determine what's going on.

      What I sense I'm doing wrong is that I'm wiring RCA cables with both RT/LT wires into the AMP to the HU when both only want a single signal cable each going into each jack. One single wire each that somehow is carrying both the Positive and Negative in it, versus a double speaker wire that goes into a positive/negative RCA male connector.

      So that leaves the sub with one single output HU going to the AMP which has a R(white) and L(red) female connector. And then the 5th channel +&- going to the +&- on the SUB input.

      The reason I have the HU output speaker wires (white,grey,green,violet) going to the speakers is because of the Dash Unit speakers. They're tapped into those 4 in the wiring harness where I can't get to them, but run from the HU from 4 wires to 6 different speakers). Again, the dash speakers are 2" Infinity midranges with bandpass crossovers connected to each which came with them. I just noticed they are 2.5 ohm, and everything else is 4 ohm, which is worrisome.

      Is there a wiring genius out there that can understand what's going on and tell what I have wrong? There's also a whine coming from the front right dash speaker and possibly the right(passenger side) door speakers. I have the power cable far from the speaker wires on either sides of the vehicle. But I'm sure it has with the larger wiring issue at hand.

      Any and all help is greatly appreciated. This is a crazy puzzle. Here's a diagram I made to make it more visual:

    • By scud
      Hi everyone  please any help
      How do you wire 2 dual voice coil subs that are 2 ohms and i have a 2 channel amp ( http://www.amazon.com/Lanzar-VIBE2102N-2-Channel-MOSFET-Amplifier/dp/B00BN7XQG4 )  i want to know how to wire them up to the amp at the 2 x 2400 Watts @ 2 Ohms RMS  i have come across this page http://a248.e.akamai.net/pix.crutchfield.com/ca/learningcenter/car/subwoofer_wiring/2DVC_2-ohm_2ch.jpg%C2'> but does that mean that each sub is wired for 4 ohms. Any help maybe i am missing something or its something so simple but this is my first build and the subs are 2 12" Fi BT series and this is the only amp i have for now. If this amp is not adequate after help with the wiring i would love to know any good deals on amps that could power these subs any help would be greatly appreciated.
    • By hayestc
      I am looking for a 4 channel amplifier to power a pair of components so that I can add rear deck speaker or go active at a later time.
      The two main amps I am looking at are the SKAR Audio LP-80.4 and RE Audio USX-4250.
      Is there any knowledge of if these amps put out what they are rated at in clean power?  Are there better amps for around $175?
      So I reciently purchased a sundown SAZ-2500d v.2 form SSA and am a little stumped on wiring. I will be running a RE Audio xxx 15'' dual 2 ohm at 1 ohm. The amp has two positive and two nagative inputs, can I use both? Want to get the best power out of this as possable.
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