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2000 Yukon SLT *New Build* open to ideas and suggestions

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hey i wassup i have a 2000 yukon SLT "profile pic is the truck" on 26's i wanted to do 6 SMD 15'' subs in a clamshell box tuned @ 30hz with 2-3 400a alts and 3 runs of 0 gauge wire with at least 8-12 D3100's from Xs Power batts and a ABVM from Mechman any idea's of what i should do in this bad boy i also though about doing 8-12 SA12s from Sundown audio i want to run at least 18-25krms clean power in this truck so any ideas for subs and amps that will help me achieve this goal?

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Well, you have a lot of goals, and seem like you know what you want. I hope you are willing to invest in any foreseen equipment as well. Such as security, brakes, suspension, mpg, etc. Best way to chose what enclosure and power is to find out how much space you have. So lets start off with you providing max demensions.

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cargo box area *height* 41.4''

cargo volume to 2nd row is 90.0ft^3

its a pretty huge truck and yes i am willing to spend whatever i takes you get what you pay for so i'm already aware of that

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I'm not experienced in box enclosure, but I'm sure one can schime in on some of the options you will have available. Which shouldn't be limited to say the least.

A few equipment I would recommend.

Alt - Ohio Gen/Singer

Batt - XS

Wire - Wire And Supply.com (welding cable)

Subs - (F.i or SSA)

Amps - Crescendo

Mids/highs - Madisound.com (I like the Seas)

Mids/highs amp - ZED Audio

Enclousre - I guess a lot of youtubers are having luck with BassHeadEnclousre?

Head Unit - Eclipse

And I think thats all comes to mind at the moment. I wish you the best of luck, and look forward to the build log. BIG TIP, lol, don't rush anything. These kind of installs can take up to 6-8 months to complete. A lot of work ahead, thats for sure.

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