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DD 1512a and ap1500.1

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changing 120amp alternator 90Amp to excuse the trainer lol just what I have voltmeter.

and need to finish testing means the table ...

success for all

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    • By DedicatedEnthusiast
      Hi guys I was wondering whether standard polyurethane or a UV activated resin would be better for applying directly to MDF wood in order to protect it from the elements of rain ice and snow basically is one product more durable or reliable than another with respect to weather-proofing wood thanks
    • By SoundQubed
      Our partners over at Atrend USA are offering up a sweet deal on all SoundQubed enclosures for the month of February.

      15% off any enclosure
      Start Date 2/9/2015 - End Date 2/16/2015

    • By boxbuildshoutout
      Hello everyone I would like to start by saying I have no intention of breaking or bending any site or community rules here so pls forgive me if I do that is not my intention. 
      I am here to share my personal experience with cherrymancustoms who has built me an extremely personalized and truly custom enclosure to meet the needs of my particular listening goals.
      This man has spent literally countless hours over-the-phone speaking with me one on one in an attempt to maximize my enclosure design and has built what I consider to be a very good quality box. I have attached images for your own viewing and judgement below.
      His website is www.cherrymancustoms.com/ where he has a phone number listed for you to contact him if you so choose to do. He also has a YouTube account and forum thread over at caraudio.com
      I plan on again encouraging him to create an account here so he can communicate with you guys easily and share all of his work here locally with the community.
      FYI this box was built with an adjustable internal volume and adjustable tuning plus it is "double walled" everywhere from top to bottom and side to side. It features some serious bracing too.
      For any of you looking for someone to build and create exactly what you have in mind or rather those of you who need somebody to help you determine what would be best for your needs I strongly encourage you to give this man a chance he is super friendly, knowledgeable and hard-working as you can see.
      Best of wishes to everyone here hope some of you may find this information to be of good use.




    • By matj1990
      2012 focus sedan.  
      currently running a prefab decent but cheap box ..in its current position metered 138 @ 37hz sealed on the windshield.  fired the box forward today and noticed it wasn't half as loud this tells me my positioning is right for this car.  So my question is do you think this box is working well or should i build a new box different specs i don't compete but i like loud and low this setup is pretty good for a single 10 but i think there is room for improvement would like some opinions/box ideas 
      my max dimensions are going to be around W x H x D 30x14x27 to easily be able to fit through trunk opening which is a must as it needs to be removable when i DJ Also like to mention i prefer aero ports !!
      specs are as follows
      (W x H x D): 30" x 13-1/2" x 16"
      (net. int.): 2.0 cubic feet
      1-1/4" Reinforced MDF front baffle
      2.0 ft^3 slot-port tuned @ 32Hz

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