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1/0 to 1/0 amplifier input

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I have six sets of these for sale for 17.50 each shipped

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You have to read the rules man. They will close the thread if not. 

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    • By Chad L
      Question about the use of amps crossovers and sound processors. Is it best to go all active not at all or combine?? Are amp filters as good as sound processors? 
      When you buy a component speaker system you are paying for a crossover too. More expensive units have better crossovers. It’s been suggested that these crossovers use up power so not using them and using HPF and LPF on your amps is the better way to go. An alternative method is using a digital active crossover that can be programmed. 
      Different methods are also to influence phase shifts that can create cancellation  or have better frequency curves. 
      The cons would be a dedicated amp just for tweeters and one for mids and one for subs so instead of a 4 channel amp driving 4 pairs it would drive the mids on two channels and two channels for the tweeters then not using the expensive crossover that came with the speakers. 
      I’m running everything thru an Audio Control DQX with sub filter crossover point and EQ that is separating the signal at 90hz which I can adjust. Then thru a programmable crossovers The component and coax speakers are all actively crossed between subs and mids but I am using factory crossovers still. I’m assuming they are only helping tweeters but guessing they may have a filter for the mid too? 
      Do you think I am negating phase advantage by leaving factory filters in? Is the phase pollution not disruptive in high frequency so phasing mids and Subs is sufficient?
       I’m bi amping a pair of JBL competition speakers that has a jumper to remove in the crossover when doing this I am also using amp HPF and running other tweeters off all 4 channels. The JBL owner manual goes into great details about phase shifts and axis to explain what this crossover is doing to help  
      is there a better way to measure it sounds going to me but who knows?
    • By DeMan2319
      Good evening everybody. I have a few items to install for an Audio System upgrade; but don't know how to go about it. The Items that will be involved are -1 Distribution Block -2 Amps. -1 Capacitor. -1 Equalizer/Crossover -6 Speakers in Total (2 tweeters, 2 Front Door 6.5's, and 2 6x9's) -1 Subwoofer

      I'm trying to connect 2 amps; 1 for the Subwoofer and the Second for Speakers. My Aftermarket Head Unit has 3 pairs of RCA plug-ins.
      1) Subwoofer 2) Front 3) Rear.

      How Would I connect the 6 speakers (which I'm going to rewire) to the 1st amp? Do I wire the Speakers to the Amp or Straight to the Head unit itself? Also, how would I connect the amp to the Head unit if it only has the 3 RCA plug-ins as stated above?

      Any advice or suggestions are Welcomed. Thanks in advance.

      URL: https://able2know.org/topic/434961-1
    • By Hellaflush73
      Looking for a new amp under 300$? Any good suggestions?
    • By Billy Jack
      What are the pro's and cons of Korean built amps compared to Brazilian and Chinese. And for daily spl builds which is better. 
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