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T-line for 3 SSA DCON 12's ???

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I am thinking about building a T-line for my 3 SSA DCON 12's. Has anybody here tried it or have any experience with T-lines?


If anybody wants to give a shot at helping with the design it would be great.


Before you comment that "The box will be huge!" , yes I know. Thanks.

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What truck is this going to go in?

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Why do you want a Transmission line?

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no comment.....just looking for feedback from people with experience with them or design help....thanks

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I tried  transmision line ( labyrinth ) once for an eclipse 8808 dvc.

I thought it was loud for what it was, and huge, however I did something wrong in my design.

I had rareification or rectification, not sure.

The cone would get sucked into the enclosure the longer I played it.

I would like to try this again as a home theater option, but not for an automobile.

I think the enclosure ( for one eight) was 4'x4' x 1'.


I don't remember the formula I used, I think it was from Weems/Koonce "Great sound speaker manual".

I have found a lot of info online, but the formulas are beyond my understanding.

If you try to do this share you results please.

i think I was researching quarter wave enclosures when I got lost in the numbers.

Good luck with this venture.

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Thanks Cobra93. Will post pics and results when I start the project.

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Most posts like this get ignored as the OP's usually have no comprehension of what they are doing meaning it is destined for failure no matter the comments. To get around this it is a rather good idea to post why and what you have planned so far and to gain feedback.

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