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My sister is looking to add a sub and amp to her 07 charger. She came to me and I showed her a few things. Prices are too high. I'm trying to get her into a single 12" ia lethal injection or fi Q possibly icon. So we're looking at around 1000 watts rms. showed her the sundown 1000.. Too much ($289). What do you guys recommend in the $150 or so range for an amp? Is something of fair quality able to be had new for this price or is used the route I'm going to need to take? Just looking to toss around some ideas and see what others have had experience with.

Sub choice is pretty much set. I have a friend with a single 12" fi Q and she liked how it sounded. Absolutely hates how my btl 18 sounds lol. From my testing the icon bested the fi Q and sounded damn good so I would suppose that's a good option too for a few more bucks. She's cheap and knows nothing.

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precision power ppi1000.1 or the likes, just search through sonicelectronix.com and see what they have in your budge and come back with different options.

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