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2013 Chrysler 300 4 18s Walled

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This build has been a long time in the making, it’s had a lot of setbacks but now that things are finally getting interesting I figured I’d make a build log. 

I’m gonna get straight to the chase here’s the current plan for equipment. 


2013 Chrysler 300 AWD (X)


Pioneer 80prs ()

Helix pro mk2 dsp (X)


2 Crescendo 17ks @ .5ohm (X)

2 Sundown Salt 500.4s @ 4ohm ()


4 Custom Fi SP4 v1 18s dual 2 (X)


12 Sundown Neo Pro v3 8s 4ohm ()

6 morel 378s 8ohm (X)


Singer 270 (X)

Singer 370 (X)

100ft GP Diamond Clear 1/0 (X)

4 JY lithium 40ah ()

(X’s mark what I currently possess)

The whole goal of this build is to hit 160dbs or higher below 40hz on music outlaw. I will dump money into it until it reaches that goal. 

I’ll update soon with pictures and more information.

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:popcorn2: tuned in bro

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