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A quick comment about questions in the Technical Reference Center

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Please note that any open-ended questions are best addressed in the Advanced Discussion portion of the forum. The Technical Info & How To's sub-forum is best suited for articles or time-tested and accurate threads filled with critical information. If a thread from the Advanced Discussion forum happens to prove itself as an integral part of the SSA knowledge base, it will be moved to the Technical Info & How To's forum as a whole, or parsed if necessary. Should any questions arise about this procedure, feel free to send myself or any SSA Tech Team member a pm for further clarification.

In summary, we appreciate and encourage any and all questions be asked, but please address any threads that require answers and/or responses in the Advanced Discussion forum. You can so by clicking here.

Please feel free to comment in this forum though; we love some active responses and questions that promote further thinking!

You stay classy San Diego.

But mostly, thanks for stopping by.

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