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  1. well i also have my own sort of landscaping business for the summer, i do anything from mowing, gutters, leaves, mulch, trimming and snow removal. basically anything to make a buck i'll do it. Also, i would not be able to do a build of this magnitued without the help of my teammates from team Groundshakaz

  2. SA-12 is a great choice of sub for the price, i loved the pair i had. the only reason im not using them is im upgrading to 8 SA-15s

    I Say SA-12 on an alpine m500 or a Sundonw SAZ-1000 / 12000 ran at 2 ohms, for a super clean signal

    good luck :fing34:

    great!! I actually have an m500 just sitting in my room right now lol should I get the dual 2 or dual 4 ohm?

    you would need a dual 4 ohm sub for that application