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  2. Welcome to the forum
  3. So I've been thinking about this for awhile and everything you guys have said so far makes sense but I am already at the 18 inch driver and 8 cubes. I was thinking about building a 33hz box instead of the 28hz I'm at now. Definitely the cheaper option! TBH I was thinking about tuning to 33hz AND getting a 2K amp just because I'm in the market for a new amp anyway and box rise is a thing. Plus then if I ever do decide to change my sub depending on what I get I can probably (hopefully) just drop it in the box. I don't really know that much about the SSAs because I've never used them but from what you have described it sounds like the XCon would be a good match for me. Being loud is super fun and all but so is turning it down to appreciate how good it sounds so I don't think I can dedicate myself to the loudest driver. Should I go to the maximum 10 cubes? I ask because the easiest option by far would be to shorten the port in my current box and stay at 8 cubes. It's pretty well built (and heavy) being made out of birch with metal bracing/double baffle/etc. It is already the maximum dimension of my trunk though the only other direction I can build in is up. (hatchback) I will check how that effects port ratio tomorrow I'm getting a bit tired tonight.
  4. Had a chance to use one at the Outback bowl for a few shots. Great piece of glass. That being said, I think the 70-200 VR II would be it's equal and in some situations possibly greater. That being said, Canon and Nikon is like Chevy vs Ford. J
  5. While there is less 'background' there is a way to compare the two. However it's not apples to apples. It's strawberries to potatoes. The bokeh will be different, and the DOF will also change greatly as well. Additionally unless you are shooting at a solid point, what you get from the two lenses will vary greatly with just the apature as well as the lens size. J
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  7. Best to stick to cola, pills, and girls anyway. Ethanol will kill you.
  8. Welcome to the forum!! I think you'll find that almost no one here wants or would suggest anything that would be considered a one note wonder.
  9. I can't drink any longer. Even beer is just no longer good to me.
  10. Looks like a good start Aaron!!! :-) im just tired gents. Ill be ok.
  11. Not sure on the all but the wine. Great value under $15:
  12. Resolve my financial, occupational, and love life? any tips on young women and how to deal? Maybe just tell me about that wine and ill drink her away... lol
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  14. Anything I can do, other than make suggestions on Northern California red's?
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  16. I'm Chris Wallaker from sunny Yakima WA . This is my first post here , and keeping with the rules my second, and third post will be in this category as well. I hope to gain some knowledge in making some gains with my current setup . I say current because it keeps changing frequently . My system goals are that , I hope to be able to play any song from any genre loudly , and with clarity. I have no intrest in a one note wonder .
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  18. As for what to shoot your stuff at, that depends. Really there are 2 choices though. The stuff in between are all compromises. Choice 1: blurred background. Smallest fstop possible of course without blurring too much. Choice 2: everything in focus. IIRC that lens is the cleanest around f11 so for shots where you want your car to be in focus and the house behind it, f11 is a good starting point.
  19. The amount of background is less because there is less background. Better to think about framing the same picture with 2 different focal lengths instead of something arbitrary as that will confuse the scientist in you into a non-optics discussion but an artistic one.
  20. 70% of my shooting is juat gorgeous women though so.... Yeah it makes me look pretty good. :-D
  21. Link to the video please. Im not sure what you are asking, but I base my photography on portraits of people in motion. I rarely pose. I think i capture people well, and even more important, what feeling I wanted from that moment. Mike, I am not 100% comfortable posting pictures here but maybe we could find a different way to compare shots. I would love to help with finding your concept and style, and I'll help with any technical skills I can.
  22. I think Mark was doing those.
  23. Amount of background is poor wording but I hope it gets the point across.
  24. I watched Browne's video on YouTube about protraits and focal length and it brought a perspective I hadn't though of before. That is the amount of background is less as the focal length increases. My question is, how does aperture affect that in conjunction. (IE would a 1.8 at 50mm be better or worse than 2.8 at 70?) Also, what should I be setting aperture at when taking pictures out and about? Let's say I was taking a photo of my home or maybe a passing car.
  25. I cannot even imagine with a modern better focus system... What a murder machine.
  26. Its the best lens ive used.
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