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  2. Codes are only offered around holidays and sometimes tax season.
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  4. Thanks for the reply! My reasoning for the bus bar is that my batteries have sae terminals and I figure 4 2/0 lugs on each terminal would be a pain in the butt to secure vs using something like a bus bar to distriBute the power at the bank or would be more cost effective vs spending money on something like jims machineworx sae input block....any suggestions?
  5. All you need is a power wire or two ran back to the batteries in parralel and ground it in the trunk or hatch in your case. That's how I have my XS power batts and I didn't need anything but a couple of ring terminals.
  6. I don't think FI has enough mark up to accept coupons. Where else can you buy a neo sub that can take 4-5k all day for $500 shipped?
  7. So I loaded this in my wagon this weekend. I have it hooked up to an old school US Amps 200 while I wait for the Kicker ZR600 to get recapped. The enclosure is 1.1 ft^3 sealed. HOLY CRAP...The ICON shook the bolts off my wagon! I have all kinds of new things rattling that I need to fix now. Even with the triple front baffle, double rear baffle, and internal bracing it vibrates all over the place. I'm going to have to bolt it to the car. I can't wait for it to break in. I've already got plans to build a ported enclosure to see the difference in output. This is an awesome sub!
  8. I'm a bit late to the party, but welcome to the forum! Did you end up building the enclosure? Edit, found this follow up: http://www.soundsolutionsaudio.com/forum/topic/70138-custom-box-design-10-sound-qubed-hds210-in-18-cf-34hz-comments-critique-advice-welcome/
  9. Hello guys, Looking to do my first semi big build consisting of focal expert 6.5 components up front, almani audio 6.5 rears for midbass, pioneer gm-d8604 amp, Sony xav-712hd DVD player, DC 5.0k amp running @ .5ohm, and a DD 9915 with super charge option although I'm not stuck on running the DD because I have two AA team 18s I could run...decisions! I'll be running a mechman 240a alternator, group 24 agm and 2 H8 agm Batts in the rear with 2 runs (or more?) of 2/0 front to back in my 2007 4runner. My question, how do I got about wiring the front batt to the rear, could I use a bus bar in the rear that ties the two positive terminals of the rear Batts together and put the runs from the front somewhere on the bus bar, would it matter where? I made a picture, using an app on my phone so please excuse my big fingers in sizing of components lol, illustrating what I mean.
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  11. Does anybody have or know of any FI audio coupon codes? Currently trying to purchase the new FI q neo 12 wondering if there was a chance I could save my self some money hahaha thanks.
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  13. A couple more misc pics: ...and that's about all I could find. For now. Thank you!
  14. awesome pick! started my connection with SSA through the Icon as well. Good luck and post up a build log for sure!
  15. Hell yea!! Nice setup!
  16. Current(temporary) setup: Mail call!
  17. I'm new here but wanted to show off my new sub SSA Icon 15 dual 2ohm
  18. Nope, Sencheezy and Shizzzon are two different guys. Sencheezy is Senchez Richardson, Shizzzon is Sean Madison. Both were very active members on the forum here at one time before their endeavors grew well beyond having time for the forum. Both are good guys though, really good guys.
  19. love the photos man! I probably missed it in the IHOP thread but what do you shoot?
  20. Sencheezy is his screen name he has a Video up on YouTube and in the description it gives a code for 10% off a evil on the SSA store that's who I thought we where talking about.
  21. Is he not the guy who became Americas first taramps dealer. He himself had the blazer I think it was with 6 evils and 2 30k taramps on 240volt. I could have swore his name was shizzon? It's been a couple of months since I spoke with him he's a African American gentleman real good guy.
  22. I instantly thought of scenchez when I saw that email. I would've thought the same as billy lol
  23. Not the same person brother. I think you are talking about Scenchez. Shizzon hasn't been on here in a LONG time.
  24. Went and had a look at the VE audio and yes there some little things and not very exspensive for sq equipment. $249 for a 650watt amp isn't to bad about midrange pricing to me. What's a Audiocontrol or Hertz 600 watt amp $400+?
  25. Yes I have spoke to Shizzon a few times on here, and you tube. That SUV of his with all the Evil's, and tartamps is a bad bitch. Did not know his real name was Sean. Is everyone besides me on SSA named Sean? Lol
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  27. Absolutely! Sean Madison shizzzon@gmail.com (502)-471-0002 SPLLABS USA on Facebook
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