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  2. Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    Bet the government shut down want effect them wanting their money..Only thing that will stay shut down is stuff that dont really matter...
  3. Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    I did my taxes today and for the first time ever I owe Federal. I don't know what has changed and I don't have time to go over the tax codes, but something is suspect. What makes it even worse is my company is so small, I cannot E-file. I don't have a clue what the company size has to do with it, but it's absurd to me.
  4. Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    I was actually beginning to tolerate the winter. It started snowing on Christmas eve and didn't stop until 2 weeks ago. Up until 2 Mondays ago, we had 40+ inches of snow, and the temps were steady. Cold as fuck, but steady. In 4 days, all that shit melted and it was 50 degrees out. The very next day it was single digits and whiteout conditions. The snow continued for another week exactly with the cold temps, and suddenly Friday afternoon, it jumped up 30 degrees, the sun came out, and now today, we have no more snow, and it's supposed to be up into the 50s tomorrow. THIS is the shit I hate. I get my body prepped for winter and winter turns to spring, then to winter, then to spring, then to winter, then early summer. FUCK!
  5. Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    Between that and the no snow I guess some higher power hates me
  6. Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    Well that's going to be disappointing later this evening.
  7. Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    Go Vikings! Whole town here is Purple & Gold atm.
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  9. Welcome to the IHoP v.2

  10. 2012 dodge 2500 2 evil 15s on 10k blowthrough

    Extra fuse/relay panel for all the lights
  11. 2012 dodge 2500 2 evil 15s on 10k blowthrough

    Wood cut for the enclosure
  12. 2012 dodge 2500 2 evil 15s on 10k blowthrough

    Its got an auto window in the back so cant do ported because of the motor. Going to have to be a bandpass
  13. Welcome to the IHoP v.2

  14. SSA 1969 Firebird

    Thanks guys. Is seems we can only work on the interior when the weather is shitty. We have the center console finished as well. I will get some pictures today. The pods are painted with the same paint as the car. Lots of hand work in those suckers!
  15. sundown sae-1500d Amps protection mode specs

    Liro213 I hooked them unstrapped and the slave will get down just as the master would. Idk what the issue is. Each amp is identical but there is some slight deviation in the tooling used on each one or something because the gain knobs and protect light are all a little off on the slave. It's about 3 months newer than the other and that's probably my issues
  16. Quad 10" enclosure builds

    Kind of..... this system is getting expensive I got 4 Focal Kx 25's and a Mosconi Zero One to power them......also have the Focal Utopia Be #7 component kit on the way the rear firing enclosure is a perfect fit , I got 2 Focals in the drivers side of the enclosure and the other 2 will be here Monday or Tuesday
  17. Quad 10" enclosure builds

    Wow man, the new focal subs didn't cost you an arm and leg?
  18. sundown sae-1500d Amps protection mode specs

    I would try running the amps unstrapped just to see what that slave amp will do. I don't know if such thing could work where each coil can be ran to each individual amp but I wouldn't try that myself. I would rather simplify things and run pair subs to each amp
  19. SSA 1969 Firebird

    Nem!!!!! I have been waiting for these pics! Killer pods!
  20. SSA 1969 Firebird

    Nice can’t wait to see it completed. Was that actual car paint y’all used to paint it ?
  21. Last week
  22. SSA 1969 Firebird

  23. SSA 1969 Firebird

    I second that, love those pods man.
  24. sundown sae-1500d Amps protection mode specs

    No I haven't contacted jacob. Honestly I hate to bug him because I'm sure he has enough on his plate, Iv been very pleased with sundown and there Products as well as there support team. There is only one or so dealers in my state, so I push sundown audio brand harder than some of them "team" boys lol. Iv only been in the audio game for a year now, in a area that hated loud music and "thinks it's the devil" so there is no support here, i have had 3 other brands I tried first because I'll be honest I am new and didn't have or know anything about audio until 9 months ago and my tractor had jenissin or some thing like that in it lol and SUNDOWN AUDIO needs better advertising, well they did then but they have established a good well earned name now and they should start a slogan like " we barely advertise, because when your good enough, word of mouth is all you need " hahah because in the sticks that's all we got to go by lol so the first three brands let's say to be nice they.... they F"n suck. Decent gear but I have no support but the company s themselves and these guys didn't care about my mesly 2 grand or so. Anyway sundown didn't care EVER when I called and would answer anything asap. That's why I should have enough by the end of the month to get 3 more ns2"s t go with the three I got in my safe beging to be played hahaha and I'm thinking now that 6 of the team neo 18s v1 will be perfect. Enough power I can run higher ohm load and be more stable and hopefully keep this old peterbult I'm doing this to a daily driver if needed. HA take that MTX. Wished you would have helped a poor old redneck out when i come park beside jackhammer and beat so hard the hammer falls off and your left with jack, but don't worry it's not like it's SUNDOWN yet, or is it? Anyway after All that long post point Is I don't want to but the man, they do good at work, so I'll let him have a home life. Car Audio esp sundown has kept me busy and as of mon clean and free from H for 12 months after a 9 year daily addiction. So ya this isant just a hobby now it's a way of life. So I don't mind finding out the hard way when I have amp issues if I have to, because it's staying busy and once ya learn the hard way you don't forget lol. Ok down to business, stupid question number 1357, I'm unstrpping these amps for now until I get the issue I was having fixed. I did some thinking and instead of gain matching amps with vilt tj meter only do to porting placement and irregulartys in the amps that every amp will have. What if I hook half of the voice coils to one amp and the other side to the other and play a tune at low watts to keep coils safe and swap phase on one amp and adjust other amp gain until the sub quits moving. I did research and from what I see I think this is possible! What y'all think?
  25. SSA 1969 Firebird

    Thank you, we are going to make grills for them. Most likely out of metal mesh.
  26. Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    Well shit Sean. Came home for the thaw. :-(
  27. SSA 1969 Firebird

    Sexy pods
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