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  2. I didnt realize they came from the same build house. Finally got ahold of someone! 18-20 days build time so ill leave it a suprise.. bright side quality either way should be awesome
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  4. Fi makes amazing products, but it's hard (very hard, painful) to contact them. SSA : those guys don't sleep. They answer your emails at anytime !!! customer service at its finest !!! And they also makes amazing products. Get you some Evils, and have fun !
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  6. Much appriciated mark. One way or another there will be more to come. Probably selling my bagged ranger to have my garage back and looking at buying a suburban. So alot more lol.
  7. Any mounting info...? im starting on my doors and it would great if I had this info. thanks!!
  8. I've got 3+kw? of rack amps sitting in the closet.
  9. It does eveyrthing I need and more though. Front stage is where I am critical.
  10. If I build something in house, it'll be a 15 or larger. In car, I am done with sub bass almost. Running a stealthbox in the Escalade, lol
  11. Nobody wants my Soundsplinters locally. I don't either. Have a 12 and an 8, but don't want to deal with shipping either.
  12. Brahma or Mag...NICE choices As always, my recommendation is something used that someone on here has lying in their overly stuffed audio closet lol
  13. I will be there 2x before then, lol. Just got back from there as well. Only 4 trips this year I hope. 6 last. Ugh.
  14. While you're there, please pick me up an e30 M3 evo.
  15. Been out of audio for long enough I'm not sure who is around anymore. The Helix DSP has a built in 75x8 RMS @4ohm so I only need a sub amp. Ive still got a Mag v2 and Brahama 10" MK2 sitting around. So I'd guess I'm looking for around 750-1kw @ 1ohm. Are those amps still Zed amps or do they have a new buildhouse?
  16. Damnit, just got the opportunity to buy pre-release tickets to Tommy Emmanuel & David Grisman...and realized I have be in Germany that day.
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  18. The air motion tweets are great! You'll love them! No need for super tweets. The planars will higher than audible anyways with supreme efficiency. What amps are you looking at? I have a US Acoustics Mike I'm going to be selling soon.
  19. Now I need to figure out a which sub, a sub amp, and box. I also need to go back to saving up for sound deadening materials.
  20. OHHHHHHHHHH now it works...
  21. My goodies arrived
  22. Lets try this one more time...
  23. I keep crashing the forum trying to upload a pic lol
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    Having played with DD and Sundown products, I think you'll regret your decision. Rules are rules though, you are a prime example of why a 25 post count is required. You registered just to sell your speakers, or trade, or whatever...
  25. Whelp...this is a disaster. I got some fiber optic couplers that are supposed to close the loop from missing items. I installed one at the missing amp by the spare tire and another at the HU. Unhooked the batt for awhile and turned it back on to discover that my SRS, ABS, and ESP are now fucked up. I'm pretty much over this build now. This car is the WRONG one to try it in. Having not known wtf the last installed did or not did, it would be such a pain in the ass to track down all the problems with this fiber optic BS. I'm selling it for a G with the interior disassembled. I have a 2014 chevy sonic but I wont be putting anything in there. I will be getting rid of that soon too so I'll have to wait until I buy a new car. GAME OVER.
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  28. I would love to see safer packaging protection for y'all Evil midbass speakers, just received mine in the mail. Mine was just sliding around in the box, Evil box is partially beat up. Ill take having to clean up packaging peanuts rather than just paper placed in there, or at least more paper to keep the contents in place. Thanks
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