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  2. As of right now the only thing i could see myself upgrading is the front stage power, maybe adding another 800.4. We have been having issues though (possibly ground issues) System all in, ill hit a bump and the right side will go out or crackle really bad until i either hit another bump or a turn up the volume (odd). Yanked out the sub the other day and the leads from amp to sub box looked like they had been put in a microwave. Waiting on some 10g wire (using 14g, lines doubled up on the sub so no issues there, just amp to sub). Since i took the sub out iv not had any issues with they right seit cutting out and/or crackling. Not 100% sure what the issue is
  3. As far as cleanliness it is a nice upgrade. I cant really speak for the radio itself but from the reviews users seem to love it. Since you have upgraded system my vote is go for it. As far as the 2 channel goes how much power would you want out of it without having to upgrade later?
  4. How well do these work? I was looking for a way to clean up the wires a little and allow moving the amp in and out a little easier. Was just worried about how well they stay put or if they come loose easily?
  5. I already have system installed, just wanted something different (hopefully an upgrade)....for reference im not very knowledgeable when it comes to HU...the last HU i purchased was yearrrs ago (Alpine d310+h701) Crescendo: 2 sets of messos 800.4 1500.1 12" Fi Q RF 360.2 (which i dont like) (open to suggestions for a replacement) Skyhigh XS
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  7. whuppeee imagine that
  8. Looks pretty legit. What are your plans with it? Just as an interface to control audio source and volume or will this be used as amp source as Well? If used as amp you will need adapter to work with factory amp
  9. Ahhh, damn, i didnt see it was Evo specific
  10. I take it you have an EVO to install this in ???
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  12. https://www.amazon.com/Android-Lollipop-1024x600-Mitsubishi-Bluetooth/dp/B0153N4EIC
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  14. Next purchase is a bass amp, lol. I'll probably use that once a month max. Play the bass through the looper and guitar amp in parallel at the moment which works pretty well for making jam tracks.
  15. Haven't mic'd it yet, but the PA would be a guitar amp anyways so ran it direct. Amazing pickup for an acoustic. Not something you can run into overdrive too far nicely, but clean it is really impressive. Could easily perform with what I have.
  16. This, of course, was pre-"good camera" so I didn't have a good system setup.
  17. So my wife and I have taken a photo on our anniversary every year with a picture of the previous year (on our first was our wedding day). I can't find last year's picture anywhere. I can't even find pictures taken around that time frame....
  18. Thanks all.... i think we have a legit plan. Anyway..... Actually gained a bit more room. The secondary HU, audison bit 10, 4 channels, fans, AC ducts, and volt meters will all get back in there also. Hope everyone that goes to shows, has a blast. Good luck, and enjoy yourselves. Thanks for lookin. KB
  19. Quick easy bolts drilled through the back will work fine for some quick terminals and keep that port area free for flowing.
  20. and make a hole for those wires. Don't let them in the port. Nice car.
  21. And I get to today. Couldn't while the kids were sleeping
  22. Might want to secure that box some how, love the idea and intent.
  23. Dying to see how the pickup deals with that...on a big fat tube amp.
  24. The dynamic range is INCREDIBLE
  25. Stick a bunch of t5ho lights in the garage for work in there then find some nice led work lights from the depot or similar.
  26. Mobile garage lights Something I could shine on the car to spot imperfections and something I could easily use to shine into an engine bay/ work on something in the backyard in the middle of the night.
  27. Mobile or garage lights?
  28. Worst part is over until my northstar 220 shows up. It was already done in 1/0 but pulled it all for some basshead 2/0. 2 runs to the back. Still no bass till the new battery. Killed both of my crap ones. Ones resting voltage was 8.3 and the other was 10.4
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