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  1. jcarter1885

    Valentine's Day Sale @ SSA

  2. just what i was expecting, that you were going to add more power.
  3. jcarter1885

    SSA Demon (all new)

    I was just going to say that backside brings back memories
  4. jcarter1885

    4 8s compared to a single 15.

    Well that escalated quickly, looks badass man
  5. jcarter1885

    New member

    Some days I wish that I had a truck.
  6. jcarter1885

    Hello all! New member

    Glad you came here man, nice choice on equipment as well. Cant wait to see your build log.
  7. jcarter1885

    2015 Hyundai Sonata Sport/Limited

    I been slowly making progress, see if I can upload some pictures. Been having trouble since the forum upgrade loading pictures. The top speaker rings are for my 6.5" Evil mids being made by a friend. The bottom three pictures are my tweeter rings, had to be painted since the board I bought was white. They will be shipped to me soon and installed.
  8. jcarter1885

    Randal's 2007 Chevy Avalanche

    You are giving me ideas now man, keep up the good work.
  9. I want a 6 channel, sign me up now. The main reason im in between amps right now. ch 1&2 = tweets or horns ch 3&6 = mids Will this amp have channel input mode selectors unlike the 4 channel amp?
  10. jcarter1885

    Amp or HU crossover, and HU suggestions

    Just more stuff to install. The prs80 is right at your fingertips. Without comparing both units side by side I cant tell you which one has the better features or even if you will use them all. Really comes down to a personal preference really. Look up both units and see what you will be more comfortable with. Just my .02