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  1. 05 sable 2 zcon 18s on 10k in b-pillar walll

    That escalated quickly , what mids and highs again?
  2. Boom sonic

    I was just in Tampa last month for my school's classic, love the Florida car audio scene. Have fun and yes post pictures/videos if you can here.
  3. Boom sonic

  4. Ssa ic150.4

    Great pictures and cant wait for a review
  5. There is no which is louder, all install dependent. Someone could easily make either louder than the other.
  6. Hello

    and dont worry about the rear speakers, just put that money elsewhere and you will thank me later.
  7. If you do consider the SB29s, I have a pair laying around if you didnt want to buy new. Good luck on your tweeter search, Sean helped me with my selection as well so you're in great hands.
  8. Enclosure reccomendations for a single Zv4 15

  9. Valued & VIP Store Customer user groups

    Update please
  10. SSAFriendsandFamilyAmps

    Bad timing for me but one hell of a deal, appreciate yall SSA. Yes that 4 channel is calling my name too.
  11. Ssa tweets?

    I live in Texas, so I cant avoid the sun and my car is exposed to the elements 24\7 as I dont have a garage either. Ive had these tweeter going on 2.5 or 3 years now. How they sound will depend on how you position them, if you want in your face with great output then face them on axis (how I currently run mine). If you want mellow and great sound quality then face them off axis. I cross at 2kH, yes you can cross them lower just depends on goals. I dont want to clutter up this thread but any other questions just shoot me a pm and ill be glad to answer them.
  12. Ssa tweets?

    I wouldn't cross the SBs under 1200hz personally, but depends on listening habits. I have two pair of those tweeters and never had a dimple detach even though i read about that before buying. One is sitting around the house and I have the other pair in the car, I really love them. Cant compare them to the SSA tweeters as I haven't used them yet, but I do love my SSA mid drivers over my SB Acoustics mid drivers.
  13. Hiya

  14. Could of possibly meant people who under power their subwoofers, may turn up gain/bass boost and drive their amp into clipping to get a desired output. But like stated above underpowering a subwoofer is not an issue.