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  1. If so, I know there is a build log by kent(can't remember full forum name) with a stang where he removed the full backseat and made a platform for the box iirc. Just a heads up to give you ideas to help your setup become a little more safe unless you have bigger plans for it. Nice looking build, any other upgrades or just the substage for now.
  2. 45s were a big thing not too long ago but lately I haven't seen to many enclosures built with them.
  3. We love upgrades
  4. looks good man
  5. What's up with AscendantAudio.com?

  6. I haven't called you a name once so kill that garbage, no need to back pedal now like you continuously do. Maybe emoticon crazy but I know how to use my words with resulting to insults. You get mad and vote post down because your wrong and don't like criticism, I usually joke with you and you still get your panties in a bunch. Even trying to justify your name calling by saying someone did it first is petty. But carry on
  7. Weren't you just crying about name calling, haha.
  8. So its not the tires that are a problem, but having 37s is messing up her gears. Makes sense If she didnt have those tires would her gears still be messed up?
  9. Stop crying like a baby, everytime I respond you name call or curse. So get out of the kitchen if you cant stand the heat. Naive, are we.
  10. If you never ordered from SSA or Fi then you cant speak on wait times, end of story. Obviously that evil thread was a year ago and someone commenting on it brings it up to recemt topics but that is too hard for you to understand. You continue to fail due to your ignorance.
  11. So, did yall kiss?
  12. you dont need a box tuned at 28hz for the lows, 30-34hz will be fine and allow you to play a range of music as well. I used to tune below 30hz but now its more around 30-32hz, just my personal preference.
  13. Pictures would help if you have any.
  14. Well damn, tell us how you really feel. Thats a bold statement but to each its own.
  15. this, haha