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  1. Thanks for the gem man, need to design a new enclosure soon so this will definitely help.
  2. Yes I've heard one and have a video of me getting a demo, but honestly off the top of my head I cant recall the overall sound from the driver. I do remember not being too impressed with the setup, but that could all be install dependent.
  3. Yeah I always wanted to try a X series sub or Zv4\5 series from Sundown but that explanation made me weary. But they are releasing the U series which goes back to the older platform style of sound. A higher model than the SA series, basically the Zv.3 replacement.
  4. Tuned in for sure, pods coming along
  5. So hopefully that explains what you are hearing when you hear a new platform driver compared to a more traditional suspension driver. It is simply a LACK of distortion; there is nothing actually missing -- the drivers are not "missing the highs" -- they are just flat over stroke; they are only missing the *artificial* upper-bass spike created by traditional suspensions over stroke. In other words... they just aren't adding something that isn't really there.So the question you have to ask yourself is do you WANT a flat and low distortion response or not ? Be honest. Some people don't like their distortion to be that low... and in general CMS related distortion is 2nd order and sounds relatively pleasing (like tube amps). http://www.caraudio.com/forums/sundown-audio/604273-sundown-x-z-v-4-sound-difference-visualized.html
  6. I don't see how going from 38hz to 40hz will make that big of a difference. From my understanding the Zv and X series subs are geared more for lower notes than higher ones, but I could be wrong.
  7. Dope video man
  8. Yeah im pretty sure 3 years later he is still looking for an amplifier.
  9. Never broke in subs and never got a smell either, you have to be doing something wrong to get the same results for 4 different subs. Amp gain is not a volume knob, it's their to match the preout voltage of headunit.
  10. Box being too big could be the problem as well as amplifier settings. I know DC loves smaller than the norm enclosures.
  11. I would email Fi for sure for a recone.
  12. More more more, I follow this build on two forums.
  13. I know Eric said the Silver Flute 8s can pair well with horns, not as efficiet as pa speakers but makes up for it in bandwidth.