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  1. Yes sir, post a build log man as we love to see pictures.
  2. ^^^^^ This. If you do get a monoblock amplifier for your subwoofer. Bridge your 4 channel amplifier to your front components and turn the gain down.
  3. jcarter1885

    Dayton DSP-408

    I might have to break down and try one, seems like a nice deal. Other units im looking at are the JL TWK88 or DD DSI-2
  4. jcarter1885

    SSA Demon (all new)

    Love all the behind the scenes work and thinking that went into these subs. You guys never let us down by being informative about your products. Will the xcon and zcon have different names as well to keep this whole Evil theme going?
  5. jcarter1885

    Old School PPI Sound Quality with SPL

    Welcome man, lets see some pictures or start a build log if you can. I love some old school gear.
  6. jcarter1885

    Forum Upgraded. Finally!

    Still cant upload pictures from phone anymore. But besides that glad to see it back to normal.
  7. jcarter1885

    SSA Testarossa Alternators

    2.4L 2359CC I4 Gas DOHC Engine 2015 Hyundai Sonata Limited
  8. jcarter1885

    SSA Testarossa Alternators

    Can y'all make something for a 2015 Hyundai Sonata Limited?
  9. Please bring back the Recent Topics section, I thought the forum was down for a while. I used to be able to post pictures from my phone and now I cant. Also the pictures in my build log are gone after the update, do I need to use a hosting site for pictures?


    Emojis for post dont work either.

    1. CrazyKenKid


      I agree with you Jcarter1885, I would also like the recent topics section brought back. 

    2. Aaron Clinton

      Aaron Clinton

      We'd like to, but there is a bug in that part of the software, so we had to delete it.

  10. jcarter1885

    New member here

  11. jcarter1885

    '12 Grand Cherokee

    Thanks man , they are pretty cool. I found his post on another forum, wish i knew about him sooner.
  12. jcarter1885

    Deaf Bounce 3- 21" NEO monsters......

    Cool video, they are getting down. Feel sorry for that passenger door
  13. jcarter1885

    '12 Grand Cherokee

    When you sub mount needs a mount What are those orange pieces holding your box in place and where did you get them man? Thanks
  14. jcarter1885

    Question on Sundown Audio U 12”

    That box should suffice for now, prefabs are better than what they used to be but a custom enclosure will be more optimal. I would look into upgrading to an enclosure suited for the subwoofer in the future. Just my .02
  15. jcarter1885

    Randal's 2007 Chevy Avalanche