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  1. jcarter1885

    2021 Volkswagen Passat Rline

    Going back to a 15" just something about those Sp4 v2/Neo 4.7s that keep calling me. I'll miss this box for damn sure, it's too bad ass. Then Ill be content, no more chasing numbers. Because I'll be broke with the upgrades I was planning to make, just not worth it in the long run.
  2. jcarter1885

    2021 Volkswagen Passat Rline

    I finally got rid of all the rattles from both overhead consoles, bass sounds so much better. Now just tracking down the ones in the trunk since my subs are rear firing now.
  3. jcarter1885

    2021 Volkswagen Passat Rline

    After installating my new interior panels, I decided to protect them from the elements. I used JB Weld super glue to attach foam pads to the ends of my horn bodies.
  4. jcarter1885

    2021 Volkswagen Passat Rline

    You are never too old, go for it. I never wanted to go this big but I'm not having any regrets right now. It's crazy how my front stage keeps up with the bass and sounds amazing while doing so.
  5. jcarter1885

    2021 Volkswagen Passat Rline

    Volkswagen sent me a few parts in this big ass box haha. Finally getting around to replacing some panels that scratched and dinged up by the shop this past summer.
  6. Yes I would collapse it for sure, no point in keeping it the way it is if there is no recent content or traffic. Just my .02
  7. jcarter1885

    2021 Volkswagen Passat Rline

    Wiring is complete for the relocation of the pop trunk button and the speaker is back installed on the door pod.
  8. jcarter1885

    2021 Volkswagen Passat Rline

    Started a new project today and I'm almost finished, I'll complete it tomorrow. I'm working on the pop trunk button relocation since the shop didn't even attempt to do it when he built my doors. There will be a gap that's temporary until I get to my friend's cnc machine to make a mounting ring for it to hide the gap in the panel.
  9. jcarter1885

    2021 Volkswagen Passat Rline

    Thanks man I appreciate it, this is by far my best enclosure and I freaking loved the all white one but it stood out way to much. This blends so much better and is just all around beautiful. I will be getting rid of that Odyssey AGM Group 31 battery and will be saving either 69 or 61 lbs. by switching to Lithium. The Odyssey weighs 77.8 lbs., each Lithium battery weighs 8 lbs. My box builder told me to start with one XS power Titan 8 as it is more powerful than both of my batteries (underhood and trunk). If I need more I'll upgrade to two in the future. My rear driver's side suspension will love me in the run with the weight reduction.
  10. jcarter1885

    2021 Volkswagen Passat Rline

    Speaker connects outside the enclosure.
  11. jcarter1885

    2021 Volkswagen Passat Rline

    It's hard to get good pictures with the trunk light because it's so damn bright, but in person it's perfect. The entire interior of the enclosure is covered in blue light. I'm glad I didnt pay for the LEDs I usually get installed in the enclosure because I never use them anyway. 20221104_115949.mp4
  12. jcarter1885

    Seat Leon 2007 build log

    looks dope and I love the progress so far. I can't wait to see this wall
  13. jcarter1885

    2021 Volkswagen Passat Rline

    I will take some night shots one day soon, as much as I loved the white enclosure with the blue lights it stood out way too much at times. I didn't want it covered in bed liner again so I went back with the traditional carpet look and it came out fantastic.