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  1. jcarter1885

    sealed 12 recommendation

    I would do the Icons as Ive had them before but ported, I'm sure they would do well in a sealed application. The Gcons would work as well, hopefully Aaron or someone responds to help you further. Both would work and sound great. I put my IA Lethal Injections in a sealed box and they sounded good but sealed just wasn't enough output for me, but we have different goals. All are great choices
  2. What brand alternator and batteries?
  3. jcarter1885

    2021 Volkswagen Passat Rline

    As much as I love welding cable, I hate that it's not flexible like car audio wire. I'll definitely go back to Knukonceptz in my next build or maybe even rewire this current build so it can look better.
  4. jcarter1885

    2021 Volkswagen Passat Rline

    I cleaned up the wiring some to make it more appealing.
  5. jcarter1885

    2021 Volkswagen Passat Rline

    XS Power PWR-S5-4800 and some heat wrap since it gets hot in Texas, this will help the battery last for a while under the hood.
  6. jcarter1885

    2021 Volkswagen Passat Rline

    Finally got a lithium battery for under the hood so all my batteries in the car are lithium now, this is my first XS Powe Battery and im excited.
  7. jcarter1885

    Total newbie here

    Definitely should be fun learning all the new brands and ways that car audio has changed over the years. Glad you're back
  8. jcarter1885

    2021 Volkswagen Passat Rline

    I finally got my trunk light back working, had to do anjothenight video of the enclosure. 20240418_204054.mp4
  9. jcarter1885

    2021 Volkswagen Passat Rline

    Nighttime view of enclosure with lights on. 20240410_205215.mp4
  10. jcarter1885

    2021 Volkswagen Passat Rline

    Daylight view of enclosure with lights on. 20240409_131331.mp4
  11. jcarter1885

    2021 Volkswagen Passat Rline

    I removed the Stinger X RCAs and replaced them with Rhyno RCAs. Sorry I haven't cleaned up the wiring some but I haven't messed with this system since I installed the JL DSP. 20240409_114311.mp4
  12. Just depends on music choice really since most songs aren't really under 30 hz. But to be safe an adjustable subsonic filter will be wise especially if you are playing rebassed or boosted songs.
  13. You won't hear a difference in power so just flip a coin, either amp will be a solid choice.
  14. jcarter1885

    2017 Audi Q3 stereo upgrade

    Yeah my factory battery was a group 43 but I seen a dude fit a 48, so I went that route. It was snug but it fit like a glove. The only company I found at the time who would make an H/O alternator was Brand X and mine is a 270. Had it installed in Summer of 22 and no issues yet, he had bigger sizes but this size was the most reliable and dependable. I have 2/0 welding cable all throughout the ride. 2 power runs from front battery to rear batteries. Amps grounded to batteries, rear batteries grounded in spare tire well. One positive and negative run from front battery to alternator. And 4 grounds under the hood too. I been meaning that call Brand X and see if grounds from front battery to rear battery or from alternator to rear battery would make any differences.
  15. jcarter1885

    2017 Audi Q3 stereo upgrade

    I don't have an isolator in my VW and have no problems with voltage or anything to that affect. Granted I have an aftermarket alternator, but stock wiring still intact. When I had the factory alternator and battery in, it did limit my voltage. Just by doing the big 3 and upgrading my front battery to an Odyssey Group 48 AGM I gained .5volts. I went from a voltage at idle with lights on and A/C from 13.8v to 14.3v. Once I did the h/o alternator, I didn't have any other voltage issues. Now at times during the winter I can see voltage as high as 15.3 and 14.5-8v during the summer and I'm in Texas. OP sucks you can't take your factory radio out because the one in my car sucked, using Bluetooth it would just go silent for like two seconds every 30 minutes or so give or take. Everyone said it's just something with the radios they use when using the Bluetooth setting. I had soany issues with the factory radio and NAV-TV unit that it made me rip out my radio and replace it with a Sony head unit, I haven't had any issues since. Yes codes are crazy, I had to take it to a shop to get all that stuff figured out since my car was new and no information was out about it at the time.