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  1. and make a hole for those wires. Don't let them in the port. Nice car.
  2. I talked to my box builder yesterday : it should be good for this week-end. I hope so. He already have the money ($150 !). My "recone specialist" takes his time...maybe this week-end too.
  3. You're running a single battery in the rear, for a SCV 4000,and it works ? Nice. Maybe you're not going full tilt all day long ! I've wanted an scv 3000 for so long, to run my Zcon 15 !
  4. Those Damp sheets are so thick and hard, it's not easy to put them on non flat area. We used a wood roller I had from an old Hush Mat order. And hopefully we were wearing gloves. We did our best and we won't do it twice on this car. Now, I'm waiting on a new box and my sub.
  5. Trunk lid and front doors with Damplifier Recone Received Cargo area done with Damplifier I did not take pics of the LLP on the doors. Sorrry !
  6. A few pics now : I can't upload from Photobucket on this computer. I'll try on my own mac later. Sorry !
  7. Updates : put the Focal tweeters back in. The Davis did not resist : they felt from their mounting piece ! I'm waiting on the SSA tweeters ! Second Skin Damplifier (b stock) on front doors (inner and outer skin) Luxury liner Pro on front doors second pair of wood rings for the mids : so they're closer to the door skin and the grill. damplifier on trunk lid, and trunk floor. SSA ZCON and box : SOLD (big money!!!) Fi BTL N2 15" D2 : received the Fi recone, my specialist is working on it ! NEw box built : 4ft3 at 32 (free dowloaded design from the SSA/Fi forum, for the BTL
  8. Do you know your dB score now, after the electrical upgrade ? You should test it before the new box. Good luck with your burp box.
  9. Me too !
  10. This car really looks in good shape, after that cleaning. I like what you are doing. Tuned in...
  11. "The Xcon is an Icon on steroids": I liked this one.
  12. I have owned both, in 15". I would get the Xcon for sure, because I love how strong it can be while being super musical ! But the Icon seems to sound better.
  13. Mine seems to laugh at the Incriminator 20.1 (2400w), but I stay at 12.5 v usually. Maybe it sees 2000 watts max ? It barely moves, but it's musical enough, and still very loud when I want ! Good luck. Tuned in...
  14. 1000 watts at 1 Ohm should not be harder on your electrical than 1000 watts at 2 Ohms. I would get a DVC 2, wire to 1 Ohm, and set the gain low on the amplifier I want/use until I can upgrade the electrical. Unless you're seeing a second sub in the future...