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  1. Fi makes amazing products, but it's hard (very hard, painful) to contact them. SSA : those guys don't sleep. They answer your emails at anytime !!! customer service at its finest !!! And they also makes amazing products. Get you some Evils, and have fun !
  2. New

    Welcome to the forum ! If you need 25 comments to post, do you think you can sell before that ! Good luck.
  3. If your mids are 4 Ohms, you won't play at 2 ! It's unnecessary. I was worried about the loos of power from going to a 4 Ohms set, to an 8 Ohms one, but it was a mistake : less power, but absolutely no loss in output, with the new speakers ! You're in good hands here, with M5. Just do what he says ! Get a mini dsp and a 4 channels amp. Keep the ssa mids, and your current tweeters until the SSA ones (I'm waiting for them too) come out. It's what I did in my car, and I love it ! The mini dsp is easy to use. I set the crossovers a few time, and a few weeks later, I used the Time Alignment settings : it's amazing !!!
  4. Get the 2000 !
  5. I love those kick panels. Usually I'm not a big fan of kicks, because I'm tall and our cars are manual (not automatic gear...). Nice work. Those VW are tiny but they still and always look cool.
  6. 2000 watts should be nice. Upgrade your battery, and add a big one in the trunk. New SSA amps are coming soon, their 2200 w one looks good. If you could wait until they're out...
  7. Nice choice...for the subs too !!!
  8. My old Icon was different. Are you sure it's not the same ?
  9. Welcome ! I would get the Xcon. Or a second Icon 12. Why not? Think about it.
  10. I'm not saying it's safe to run 4K to a BTL daily. Be careful ! Mine is on a 2400 watts amp, and I can't keep the voltage up with my car. So maybe the subs can see 2OOO at full tilt. I don't know. But it's loud enough for me.
  11. I'm in love with my BTL ! My installer runs 2 N2 15 on one Sundown NS-1. Another forum member had 2 18" N2 on a Crossfire 8K. Another friend used to run 4 15s on 2 Taramps 8K. None of them broke, all in the Hot (and wet) Caribbean weather. Have fun !
  12. Those 10s and those A pillars look nice. Great install ! bravo
  13. bad news , but good news for the new alt !
  14. The 825 w amp is "louder" than the 1400 w one ? Did you have Bass Boost on on the Boss ? Did you try to play with the gain ? How did you set the new amp ?
  15. Nice. Aah ok I might do Amps and tweeters from SSA in the future...