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  1. I've heard a pair of 18" Zv4 and I did not like that setup. I don't know if the box what good for them, but 2 SP4s in the same box and it was a night and day difference. The Fi were much more musical than the Sundown (only the lows would hit right). That is just one experience, so I can't really judge the Sundown subs. I can only talk about the Fi subs, as I have more experience with them.
  2. Welcome !
  3. Good news to hear !
  4. i was thinking the same. I've just installed a freshly reconed sub, and I run it as usual. No break in, no smell. I have a good enclosure, but the amps settings are made by ears !
  5. Tuned in No updates so far ? Good luck.
  6. I had an Xcon 15" in a 3 cu ft sealed box. It was nice. The sound was really good, and I had a lot of output too ! I wouldn't use it in a smaller sealed box. If you already have subs, it would be much cheaper to work on a new custom box, for them. Maybe you could just port your current box for your 12s, with some 4" PVC pipes. Ask some good designers here.
  7. Happy birthday !
  8. Welcome to the forum ! What a first post ! Good luck ! But without a budget...
  9. I received my SSA tweeters today: so happy ( no tax at all).

    1. Aaron Clinton

      Aaron Clinton

      That is awesome.

  10. Got mine today !
  11. If you run components you don't need a DSP. And you can have as much sets you want ! If you run a DSP each speaker should be on its own channel : so 2 mids and 2 tweeters on your 4 ch amp, or mids on 2 channels and tweeters on the 2 others.
  12. Me too, as I just got mine !
  13. If you have 2 Ohms speakers, your amplifier will see that impedance, no need to have a "special wiring" ! 2 x 100 is plenty for front speakers, you don't need to run 200 w to sound good and be loud. Good luck with your current comp set. I hope it's still working.
  14. Already installed and tested ? I'm waiting for the first review for those SSA tweeters. (Mine are on their way...°