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  1. Notorious97200

    The Family Friendly Rango

    Good idea for the battery ! keep posting pics. I’m happy with my 2 Incriminator amps 20.1 and 3.4. I have them for years now.
  2. Notorious97200

    sound system in an Hybrid car ?

    I will post pictures of the future install! of course ! I think I will have to keep the OEM head unit. But I don’t know what equipment to get yet to use the amps.
  3. Notorious97200

    sound system in an Hybrid car ?

    I’m looking now at a small BMW X1 2.0 liters with about 190-200 hp. I’m still undecided.
  4. Notorious97200

    sound system in an Hybrid car ?

    They still have a charging system. Ok. Nice. I’ll have to look at their alternator. I will want to add a battery.
  5. Notorious97200

    sound system in an Hybrid car ?

    Hello guys, i still have my Mazda CX-5 with everything still in, and working ! I am looking for my next car, thinking about an hybrid one, like a Lexus HYBRID suv. Who has ever installed a system in one ? I don't know what those car can handle. I'm sure I must keep the hu, but can I run 2 amplifiers ? I want to keep the same kind of power I have now : one 2000 w bass amp, and 1 or 2 amp(s) for 4 active channels (mids and highs). I'd love some examples. Thanks in advance. Alain
  6. Notorious97200

    Icon 12 review

    So you want your sub to play mid bass ? I loved my Icon and found it was quite musical ! Sorry to hear you don't like it so much. (did you checked the settings on the head unit ?)
  7. Notorious97200

    Enclosure Design for SSA Icon 12

    Hello nice choice : the Icon is amazing ! 31 Hz will give you plenty lows. I usually try to tune around 30-34 Hz. Not much difference. I listen to rap, and reggae (dancehall and old school).
  8. Notorious97200

    Dylan's "Brutal" 17 Chevy Cruze RS Hatch

    Thanks for the update. Wish him a good and fast recovery.
  9. Hello guys ! how are you all ?

    1. Aaron Clinton

      Aaron Clinton

      Doing ok, just slammed as usual


  10. Notorious97200

    Dylan's "Brutal" 17 Chevy Cruze RS Hatch

    clean setup What score finally ? Did you work on the front stage too ?
  11. Notorious97200

    1981 Mercedes Benz SL380

    No pictures for me ! Just random text.
  12. Notorious97200

    All my Audio friends has settled on down ??

    I still have my setup playing in my CX-5, and I'm happy with it...everyday ! Sometimes I take a look at the forum, but I think all the traffic went to facebook and all their car audio pages. All the forums took a hit with all the social media apps. I can't say it's better now. I learnt so much from here...Thank you SSA.
  13. Notorious97200

    Eye Spy With My Eye

    Nice car. I love the sound !
  14. Notorious97200

    Looking for new front stage drivers.

    I don't know how loud are those 10s, but they should blend with your front stage ! It doesn't look like a monster sub setup (I may be wrong though). The Alpine type X are nice speakers, from what I remember. What don't you like about them ? Sometimes a new location can do wonders ! From the door to the A pillars or to the dash, you can have great improvements. What are your mids in ? a fiberglass box ? If so, it will be difficult to make them sound good ! Can't you use your doors only ? I'm not an installer, just thinking. You have good speakers, a good 4 ch amp : it's an install problem. You're in good hands with M5. Good luck.
  15. Notorious97200

    Need help deciding on components

    Lots of good advice here ! Don't use rear speakers, they're useless, they won't be audible! Spend a little more on the front stage (better speakers, some deadening on the doors,...etc). You will never egret it. .