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  1. Notorious97200

    2 Demons in the X1

    Now it sounds like I want. It plays all the notes, and is still impressive on rap songs ! i tried “Put on” from Yung Jeezy and it was powerful and played every notes, even the lower ones. I am very happy with the results.
  2. Notorious97200

    2 Demons in the X1

  3. Notorious97200

    2 Demons in the X1

    They couldn’t read the informations from the car computer. I think I have the wrong harness. Now everything is playing again after a few months… Today we are cutting the port off the box and making it sealed. I’ll post some pictures later.
  4. Notorious97200

    2 Demons in the X1

    Everything is still in the car, but I had to unhook all for the BMW service center. I added a pair of 6.6 Dayton Mid under the front seat now.
  5. Hello guys !  Hope you're doing good. 

    I need to hook up my system in my car, again. It's been too long without music. 

  6. Notorious97200

    Icon Amps?

    Do you want a IC 2200.1 amp, or do you want Icon and Demon SUBS ? I wanted an SSA sub amp too, but they were not available when I pulled the trigger ! But the Ampere amplifier I got is good.
  7. Notorious97200

    2 Demons in the X1

    Thank you. The little (tiny) black amp is nice. I was going to buy a processor like the Bit One for ex, but the shop showed me this 2 in one Audison. And it's a class D, powerful enough for me : 4 x 130 w at 4 Ohms, they say... It was very easy to connect to the BMW, with all the specific cables.
  8. Notorious97200

    2 Demons in the X1

    Coming from a 15” sub on 2400 w I’m still impressed with those 2 10”s. They are louder than I thought on 1200w. i know they will better after some playtime.
  9. Notorious97200

    2 Demons in the X1

    The car :
  10. Notorious97200

    2 Demons in the X1

    Hi guys I’m back to show you a few pics of my install. Focal es100k in front doors Focal subs under the front seats Soon to be replaced by a pair of midbass. Audison AP 8.9 bit : hard to set up but easy to install in this car. 2 Demons 10” in a 2.6 ft3 ported box. non an Ampere Audio 1200.
  11. Hi SSA ! I'm ordering one Demon 12 on 500 w : I want to build a ported box. tuned at 32 Hz, sub up, port back for a VW Golf. Second order : 2 Demons 10" on 1500 w, Sharing the same space. I want a ported box : 32 Hz, sub up, port back for a BMW X1. What do you recommend ? Where can I get help for 2 designs ? thanks in advance guys.
  12. Notorious97200

    speakers for BMW X1

    I totally forgot to take pictures of the work done. The weather was uncertain, we had to do it as fast as possible. I hope I'll take pictures on the amp install at least ! Sorry guys.
  13. Notorious97200

    speakers for BMW X1

    Last week-end I installed the Focal ES 100 K comp set, and 2 8" Focal subs/midbass under the seats. I absolutely need to install the amplifier : an Audison AP 8.9 with buil-in DSP, and all OEM interconnections and wires. I know it may not be the best, but it will do it for me. I put some Damplifier pro on the doors, but I had LLP for my old car and I din't use it. I hope I will be able to use it in the trunk. That was not cheap, I must use it somewhere !
  14. Notorious97200

    sound system in an Hybrid car ?

    Hi guys ! I bought a used 2019 BMW X1 finally. Window tint and new 19" rims (17" and winter tyres in the Caribbeans are not nice !!! )
  15. I had an AVH 5600 (IIRC) : everything I needed and more. I have absolutely no complaint about it. If I could easily change the stock one in my car, I would buy another Pioneer, or a Kenwood (as I see people love them more and more).