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  1. Hello guys ! Just passing by !
    Nice forum upgrade...

    1. Mark LaFountain

      Mark LaFountain

      Good seeing you around the forums!

  2. Hello Aaron,

    Do you have HDC3 15s available ? I need another pair for a friend.  

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Aaron Clinton

      Aaron Clinton

      There are some American Bass options that are close.

    3. Notorious97200


      The HD seems fine. Friend is OK. Waiting on the cash !

    4. Aaron Clinton

      Aaron Clinton

      Ok, sounds good.

  3. Notorious97200

    New subs time

    I've waited 5 months for 2 Fi subs, a few years ago ! That was crazy, but now it's not like that anymore. I'd love to try some Evil subs, but I won't ever have enough power. If you can, just do it. How did you like your Level 6 ?
  4.  bought 2 Optimas (1 G34 and 1 G31) yesterday : choice was soooo limited.  Hope they'll work right.


    1. Shogen


      optima??? you have betrayed the audio gods lol

  5. Notorious97200

    Evil 15" Review

    Oooh, that's sad.
  6. Looking for news : SSA won't work with Fi anymore ?


    1. Aaron Clinton

      Aaron Clinton

      Our build house for the Xcon and up, dropped all OEM production on the spot.

    2. ludeman


      Can’t wait to see who got the call to be the new build house!

    3. Notorious97200


      Will you tell us who will build for you ? And who works on the lower models ?

  7. Notorious97200

    Evil 15" Review

    Some news since november ? How do you like your Evil sub ?
  8. Notorious97200

    Indecision between FI Q Neo and FI BTL Neo

    Get the BTL and the Sundown amp : you'll love it. If you don't know what to choose between the Fi Q or the Fi BTL (or BL) : the BTL is for you. I love my BTL N2 : I've heard it on several amps, from 1500 to +3000 wats, it's loud and clear. Honnestly, you can try an SSA Zcon too : they are fantastic.
  9. Notorious97200

    o scope gain setting

    On other forums or facebook pages, people swear by o'scope or all those s mdd -1 tools to set the gain. They say if you don't use those, you can't have it set right ! That is confusing if you don't know about car audio.
  10. Notorious97200

    o scope gain setting

    I can only understand the need of an o'scope for fine tuning in competitions. But for my daily listenings habits, I don't need nothing to set the gain on my amps, except my ears and some music (or tone eventually). If I feel it sounds bad, or weird, I turn it down. Sorry for that speach, OP !
  11. Notorious97200


    I'm very happy with my mini dsp 2x4 on my mids & highs. If you like to play with the settings it's not fun :its only negative point is that you need a laptop to set it up. You want a pretty loud system, with a good sound quality, and you want to show your equipments. Some like to use large mids and horns to be loud. Good luck !
  12. Notorious97200

    Ford ranger blow through

    Very good start. I want to see that.
  13. Notorious97200

    GCON replacement ETA?

    I had an Icon 15: what an amazing sub ! The Xcon was more "powerful", but still smooth. I tried a Zcon, but It was not my thing : maybe it was too strong ! I will never hesitate to tell a friend to get an SSA sub. Keep doing your thing, SSA.
  14. Notorious97200

    Quad 10" enclosure builds / Focal Utopia Be #7 install

    I would love to listen to that car, with that setup. Congrats. Surprising choice on subs, but Focal is super legit : one of my favorite brand.
  15. Notorious97200

    Boom sonic

    4 Ga input to 4 Ga ? why ? Keep posting pics.