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  1. best 12 inch subs for SEALED box 1000rms range

    Get some Xcons, and forget everything. You will never regret that purchase.
  2. best 12 inch subs for SEALED box 1000rms range

    Honnestly, I think you need a better box, made for your trunk, and your car. The SSA ICON is a fantastic driver (I've owned Kicker L7, Icon, SSA Xcon, SSA Zcon, Fi btl N2, Pioneer subs,...etc). 2 would shine on a 2000 watts amp. A single 12" Icon or Xcon (more output) in a ported box should give you what you need on that same amp. Good luck.
  3. Ssa evil 12s finally arrived

    I can't see those pics. "Please update your account..." : that's the photobucket message I can read. Like on all my pics in my build log.
  4. Need a little help finalizing my sub & box choice

    Get 2 10s or 12s Xcon and have fun ! Sealed or ported, you'll love them. Icon or Xcon ? I've tried both, and loved both...but get the Xcon(s) for that 740.
  5. sensitivity and frequency response

    Did you try an higher LPF, like at 80 Hz ? When the LPF was at 63 Hz, I felt like it was missing notes, or a little muddy on reggae music. I lifted it a little, to 80 Hz, and it was much better. On rap songs (Decaf or others) it sounds good at 63 Hz, it's mostly the lowest frequencies playing. mids : 70-75 Hz to 3000, , and the SSA tweeters are HP at 3000 Hz. Or something like that. I don't remember the slopes. Good luck. I use a box with much more port area, and I think it's much much better than my previous box (made to specs, I guess so). Maybe you could check your box again...
  6. Amp imput

    I tried to upload from my galley (on pc or on mac) : it's impossible. It would have been nice. All the photobuckets pictures are down on the forum. And I won't pay a dime for PB.
  7. Juggernaut recone

    I agree. You have no garanties it will be better. The tinsel leads should not break easily. Are you sure you're not doing something wrong ?
  8. Morel Hybrid or Focal KRX2

    I'm so happy with my active setup. It's not worth paying for a pair of crossovers you will never use. You already have a processor with the head unit. So, your budget will let you buy better equipments, and deadening products (if you need some). M5 will guide you in the right direction.
  9. Is there a way to change the forum skin ? I don't like the white and blue.

    1. Aaron Clinton

      Aaron Clinton

      I just updated the site and the old darker grey skin was not functioning correctly.  We will have a new dark skin available soon.

    2. Notorious97200
  10. New build for the gmc sierra

    That's loud for sure ! Welcome to SSA !
  11. 6.5 evil to replace diamond HEX 6.5

    Try a single pair of mids, have fun with your system. Later you'll add another pair of mids if you feel it necessary.
  12. My first SUV gets a sound system.

    It's difficult to post pics. Photobucket is not working good, and there is an error message when I use the forum "choose files" after the download from my laptop. I'll try again later.
  13. My first SUV gets a sound system.

    New amp in ; a little Zapco st 2x for the SSA tweeters. I'll bridge the IA 3.4 on the mids.
  14. OK, now you're talking to a serious guy ! I bought a PSP port a few years ago. It was nice, but I will never do that again : now, I use PVC tubes, and I can flare both ends. It's not perfect as a PSP port, but it's MUCH cheaper, I can found what I need locally, ready to use. With a good looking paint, I can even show it outside the box (to save box volume).
  15. Recommended subs for old school mini truck

    Why do you want to stay sealed ? Ported box can sound really good, if you know what you're doing. I always feel like going sealed is a waste of bass You loose the bass trapped in the box ! Honnestly sealed enclosures are easier to run, and sound good easily. It's up to you.