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  1. 2002 Mercedes C230 kompressor coupe

    A 500 amp relay isolator ? That will need lots of current to blow/pop.
  2. Help with updating my sound system

    You are in good hands, here ! I'm still "new" to the active thing, after a year I had all the help I needed from the helpfull SSA members. The mini dsp is cheap, but I am so happy with mine. I did hide it in my glove box. And the 2V rca outputs are fine for me. I don't even know if it's 2v or 4v, or whatever volt it is.
  3. Hello everybody

    It looks like that.
  4. Been a long time

    Welcome back ! That SSA amp is a Nice choice from S.deYoung. Take a look at the Sundown, and the Incriminator Audio amps on the SSA Shop.
  5. Glad I found SSA

    Nice choice : all SSA equipments ! How did you make your choice for SSA ? I'm curious Waiting for the build pics, we love them !
  6. J-roadtatts Super Sonic Xterra Build

    I like those pods. They look nice, and you can aim them where you want. But I don't understand : was it a comparative test ? Were you using both tweeters ? One in the pod and one in the A pillar ? Sorry. I did not get it...
  7. 2002 Mercedes C230 kompressor coupe

    2500 for the tweeters : that seems ok. 1500 : that's low IMO. Good luck.
  8. Stetsom STX2436

    I would love to control my mini dsp with an app on my phone ! I don't need a processsor for the bass, but I would love to control the processor while driving ! The mini dsp is way cheaper !
  9. 2002 Mercedes C230 kompressor coupe

    Back on tracks ! Waiting for more. SSA speakers all around. Good choice !
  10. '12 Grand Cherokee

    Something is going to change soon... What is this bad boy ? BTW those SSA tweeters are marvelous. Best tweeters I've ever had.
  11. If you can listen to those speakers before buying, do it, and come back to tell what you liked or ot. You'll need to use wood baffle (or rings) to install your speakers so they can express themselves correctly. I like the JBL brand a lot, but I can't tell you if you'll like them better than the other. You need to test them.
  12. J-roadtatts Super Sonic Xterra Build

    NIce list of equipments. I bet it sounds good. Do you have a picture of the car ?
  13. Audiofrog GB 10D4 test box

    Nice box. Nice work, as always... Makes me want to run several 10s like that.
  14. "Long" trip yesterday listening to my system : those SSA tweeters sound really good on their little Zapco ST-2X. I love them !

  15. Sneak peak at the Team EVIL 5000w RMS Subwoofer by SSA®

    Those are real monsters ! I'd love to test one 15" in my car !