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  1. Hi SSA ! I'm ordering one Demon 12 on 500 w : I want to build a ported box. tuned at 32 Hz, sub up, port back for a VW Golf. Second order : 2 Demons 10" on 1500 w, Sharing the same space. I want a ported box : 32 Hz, sub up, port back for a BMW X1. What do you recommend ? Where can I get help for 2 designs ? thanks in advance guys.
  2. Notorious97200

    speakers for BMW X1

    I totally forgot to take pictures of the work done. The weather was uncertain, we had to do it as fast as possible. I hope I'll take pictures on the amp install at least ! Sorry guys.
  3. Notorious97200

    speakers for BMW X1

    Last week-end I installed the Focal ES 100 K comp set, and 2 8" Focal subs/midbass under the seats. I absolutely need to install the amplifier : an Audison AP 8.9 with buil-in DSP, and all OEM interconnections and wires. I know it may not be the best, but it will do it for me. I put some Damplifier pro on the doors, but I had LLP for my old car and I din't use it. I hope I will be able to use it in the trunk. That was not cheap, I must use it somewhere !
  4. Notorious97200

    sound system in an Hybrid car ?

    Hi guys ! I bought a used 2019 BMW X1 finally. Window tint and new 19" rims (17" and winter tyres in the Caribbeans are not nice !!! )
  5. I had an AVH 5600 (IIRC) : everything I needed and more. I have absolutely no complaint about it. If I could easily change the stock one in my car, I would buy another Pioneer, or a Kenwood (as I see people love them more and more).
  6. Notorious97200

    Building a silly van.

    I think the wiring is not the problem, it is about the settings, I guess so. It's not very hard, but you need to know what you're doing ! 8 Ohms speakers should sound better, ok, but it will be more expensive to find an amp with enough power at 8 Ohms. IF you want to play loud music in the van. I'm not an expert at all, M5 is THE guy to follow ! Good luck.
  7. Notorious97200

    Building a silly van.

    OP wants SSA mids and tweeters.
  8. Notorious97200

    Need a box for 2 Gcon 10

    I don’t have measurements yet. I guess that box won’t be big, so it should fit. What benefit to have them share airspace? If it’s better then I’ll do it like that.
  9. Notorious97200

    speakers for BMW X1

    Oder completed (everything tax free !) : one set of Focal ES 100 K one pair of Focal underseat subs/midbass speakers. one amplifier with internal DSP : Audison AP 8.9 for the comp set and the midbass . With the OEM integration cables. I'll order the subs and the bass amplifier from the SSA store, of course. Thanks for the help. I'm sad I could not follow M5 advice this time. My installer is very happy with that : he bought everything from my install !!!
  10. Hi guys, I'm installing an a new sound system in my BMW X1 F48. I want to buy 2 Gcon 10s. I will run them on 1500 to 2000 watts, and I need a serious box design for them. I want a ported box, tuned between 32-34 Hz. I think subs up and port back, in the middle should work. I don't want both subs to share airspace, one would near the port and not the other. I don't know what is the optimal size to use. I can pay for a good design, I know nothing is free !
  11. Notorious97200

    Building a silly van.

    A line output converter AND a mini dsp ? You can buy only a processor with high level inputs (your speaker cables), there must be something nice and simple for your Tundra. That may not be cheaper, but if the head unit shut or lower the bass at higher volume, you won't like it. I would buy 4 Ohms mids and highs only.
  12. Notorious97200

    speakers for BMW X1

    I understand but this is my first nice car. And I don’t want to do wrong. I want to come back to stock easily when I resell. I can’t trust my installer this much. No local shop can do that. It’s a small island. Hopefully I already have wires, 4 ch amp, battery, secondskin dampening for the front doors.
  13. Notorious97200

    speakers for BMW X1

    I don't want to touch the car ! I'll get the Focal set for $320 and their specific 8" subs for $350 : those are french prices. That will be the easiest way to have a "nice" sound. Now I'm looking at the Audison Bitone : one of the few processors easy to install in this car.
  14. Notorious97200

    speakers for BMW X1

    I can only fit shallow woofers in the doors. The choice is very limited ! I think I'll stick with the Focal, Audiofrog,or Match speakers made specifically for this car. What do you think about the Audiofrog GS8ND2 for midbass under the seats ? Are they worth the price ? Or should I find a regular 8" midbass speaker to fit there ?
  15. Notorious97200

    speakers for BMW X1

    The 1337 looks deep. I need to check that first. ill search for Mark Audio 4” mids.