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  1. You 2
  2. When will they b back in stock?
  3. When r they comin bac in stock
  4. Why no i series 15
  5. Any news on the encore
  6. who make a bass processor like the basscube
  7. Any update
  8. cant wait
  9. say internet tough guys we can arrange to met face to face if u wont 2. run up on ya ass n da street u be shakin like u caught da holy ghost fuck boy u fuckin wit a real street dude how eva when eva where eva
  10. lose ur finger c how lonely u will b
  11. mess around get ur fingers broke u wont b able to type bullshit
  12. yall havin fun kids
  13. incriminator 1000 watts amp
  14. when it comin?