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  1. hdrox88

    The EVIL 6.5" Midbass

    I am very happy with the swap. They(Evils) don't have as much output from 80hz and down as the Seas, but the xcons play so flat that they blend well enough to hide it. 100hz and up and they start to have noticeably more output, especially above ~500hz. Detail and clarity seems to be on par with the Seas.
  2. Have you ever measured signal voltage coming out of a head unit?
  3. Yes, that is a very real possibility. It can kill both amp and sub. It also depends on the music you are listening to. If it is a constant heavy bass line then things will heat up quickly. If it is maybe a song with a kick drum being the only real bass signal then it probably wont cause much harm, thermally that is.
  4. Just setting the gain at some arbitrary number is the wrong way to go about doing it if you are trying to reset. The gain is used to match the amp to the signal it is seeing from the source(head unit, processor, phone, tablet, etc.) Think of it like a garden hose with on of those adjustable squeeze handle nozzles on the end. The spigot the hose is connected to is the source and the nozzle is the amp. You turn on the spigot and go to squeeze the handle and just get a mist(gain is too low). You then adjust the nozzle until you get that perfect pressure stream you are looking for(correct gain setting). Have you ever opened that nozzle all the way? That perfect jet stream turns in to a splattering mess and then too much water is flowing through(clipping/overdriving). It's a very rough and general analogy, but hopefully it helps.
  5. Just turning the gain all the way up is generally not a good idea, unless you have really poor signal voltage to the amp. Use your ears, and sometimes your nose. If you can smell your sub, that's a sign you're getting careless. If you turn the volume up and up then the sound starts to change, that's a sign of distortion(not necessarily clipping). When we are new at this, it is harder to detect distortion. Best way I can think of to try and hear the difference would be as follows. Listen to a familiar song multiple times at a moderate volume level with everything balanced out(not bass heavy, etc.). Just loud enough so you get the full spectrum of the song. Then, once you feel you can listen to the song and predict the little nuances and details start turning it up slowly. Once you start to hear things change(lose small details, tones change, lose clarity) it's time to back off a tad. If you start getting too crazy you end up hearing screeching, buzzing, rattling, etc. from the speakers themselves when you hit their mechanical limits and break things for sure.
  6. hdrox88

    The EVIL 6.5" Midbass

    I am quite pleased so far. I have not had the time for a solid tuning session yet.
  7. hdrox88

    The EVIL 6.5" Midbass

    And...another one bites the dust! The off-topic section needs a "silly banter" thread for people to go post all this nonsense elsewhere.
  8. hdrox88

    The EVIL 6.5" Midbass

    I'm currently using the LPG 26NA.
  9. hdrox88

    The EVIL 6.5" Midbass

    Having some fun and making some grins with these! Still tweaking and tuning.
  10. Wow! That got out of hand fast!
  11. hdrox88

    Left tweeter seems to be dying, sounds weak

    I'm not 100% sure about the crossovers in your exact set, but there is a very good chance the mid was playing 1000hz and 2500hz. 1000hz may actually play better out of the mid than the tweeter. It may be difficult to get to, but treat each component set as if it were two separate speakers. Listening to each one individually really does tell you a lot. I didn't understand this until I tried it myself. I spent hours researching tweeters one week as I was sure I needed new ones. Come to find out, after listening to each speaker individually, the sound I didn't like was actually a peak in the frequency response on my mids. A little eq and it was gone. We all have to start somewhere, sometimes diving in is the best way to learn.
  12. hdrox88

    Left tweeter seems to be dying, sounds weak

    The fact that you know that is pathetic! Florida_Audio, when you were playing those test tones, were you playing one driver at a time? Just one tweeter by itself, not just left tweet and mid vs right tweet and mid. Can't seem to remember with all the bantering. If you haven't already done that, I'd take that route as having different things playing together can mask what you are tracking down.
  13. hdrox88

    2005 Silverado crew cab

    Ha! wiggle wiggle Yes they are!