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Found 7 results

  1. Austin863

    2005 Subaru Forester Build Log

    Well, well, well, Look what the cat dragged in. super surreal to be back on the forum after pretty much a friggin decade. it’s nice to see most of y’all are still active here! Here’s the current build in the works for my 2005 forester. Plan/currently installed: -6.5 door upgrades (2 evil 6.5 up front paired to some evil tweets|2 coaxial alpine typeS in rear doors. Most likely going to make custom crossovers for the front) -1 Sundown Sax100.4 -Sound deadening on the inner door skins removed all plastic lining on door skins aswell. -old ass pioneer Bluetooth double din head unit from 2012 On the way to me: -1 SSA Evil 15” woofer d1 probably running on a half ohm to whatever amp I decide on. -Amp TBD and Currently taking suggestions(3-400 target price range) -1 ported enclosure tuned to roughly 30-31hz objective of this build is to be a SQ monster with the capability to be Very LOUD and lots of pressure. I got this car in a trade and have had to do a few maint repairs to it. But this is exactly the build I was thinking about when looking for this car. So I’m suuuuper stoked and have been brewing this build up for a while now. Feel free to ask questions and leave feedback on whatever!! Feels good to be back!!
  2. I recently purchased a SSA Evil 18in sub, and a 3k rms amp. my first ever real set up so im pretty new to car audio. but i have a question and in need of advice. when i turn up the volume it almost sounds like the subwoofer is bottoming out or making a clicking noise. is this normal or do i need to lower the power on it. or is there more to it than just that?
  3. Hi guys, Just got the third 18 in this week and we are starting a new build in a 2002 Chevy Suburban. We've got a TON of room as we're going to go up to the B pillar. We're using 3 SSA Evil 18" subs on 3 Linear Power 2250 amplifiers which should be at 2500w ea (maybe a touch more at 15.8v we will be running with dual alts/batts etc). I've modeled these subs till my head hurts and I've asked a few people for opinions on the enclosure and gotten quite a mixed result. The most popular opinion has been a 4th order using 3 to 3.5 cu ft ea sealed and 9 to 10.5 cu ft ported...modeling looks best to me at 3.5 and 31.5 cu ft with a 30x17.25 port (roughly 90% of total Sd) Gives me a port velocity around 20m/s at peak but the low end of the output suffers a little in the model. I've built literally thousands of boxes but only a few walls and honestly I'm not sure how it will perform considering the smaller cabin space in front of the box. Our ultimate goal is a reasonably musical response with as much output in the hair trick range as possible. Doesn't have to play into the teens and doesn't have to do 160s at 55hz but would like it to be a demo monster and play music. With that in mind I've also modeled a 6th order and ported walls and come up with a better looking curve...I have only done a few 6th orders and never anything nearly this large. Most of mine have been 1:1ish depending on modeling but this one seems to work out better at 18 rear tuned to 24hz and 25 front tuned to 50hz. Has anyone here done a band pass with these subs in a very large vehicle like this? Or would anyone be willing to take a look at the numbers on these subs and see if you might have a better idea on the band pass design for them? I've seen quite a few vids of 4th orders and I know a few people using 4ths but haven't heard them. Considering our goals and the relatively low power I want to take advantage of all that airspace :-) Subwoofers in question, number of subwoofers & subwoofer size: SSA Evil 18D2 Amplifier being used, specifically the model number. Linear Power LP2250 Fabrication skill level: Expert (27 years building and competing) Preferred material to be used (i.e. MDF, fibreglass, etc) MDF multi layer Vehicle which the subwoofers will be used in: 2002 Chevrolet Suburban Musical preferences: Demoing at shows, pop, some rap and Dub and a LOT of Rock/classic Rock System goals: Primarily fun at shows and parking lots. Demoing low tones and musical Previous subwoofers you have used, and their installation particulars: many many many brands types of installs over 27 years List any research you have previously done: Youtube vids of these particular subs and others with 3 18s as well as comparable subs, checked with other builders and searched here for band pass and threads on these subs.
  4. altoncustomtech

    The EVIL 6.5" Midbass

    Alright, I've seen teaser pictures of them posted on Facebook and not a word about them here on the forum. Come on Aaron, Mark, Josh, someone, it's time to spill the beans!! Give us some details, basic information, something to satisfy the curiosity about them!! Please???
  5. Matt Prior

    Sub size choice

    Hey guys, I plan on building a system from scratch when I buy a new vehicle. Im planning on buying a Jeep Grand Cherokee and buying a BC5500d and I will have plenty of space in the rear of the SUV but I cant decide if I want to get 2 12"s sundown x-12s or an 18" SSA Evil. Those subs are just examples, Im not set on any one brand or sub. What do you guys think? 2 12"s or an 18" or something else possibly? Matt
  6. Took some videos tonight after work. Just having fun and enjoying the system. Hope you all can enjoy it as much as I do.
  7. Would just like to share my experience with the Evil in the first week of owning it. If you have any questions in regards to its performance or the like, just post a comment or question below. My previous setups have been, 15" SSA ZCON, 15" SSA ICON, 18" F.i. BTL ufo.