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  1. Sencheezy

    High Voltage Lithium

    Hey SSA Family. Just checking in to give you guys an update to what I have been up to. Long story short, Valerie computer system got fried during the uninstallation of the previous build back in October. So as of right now, the silver explorer, Valerie, is taking a back seat for a while. The new build, is a 2003 ford excursion. For the 2017 season, I'll be using a street box, then walling it for 2018. Below is a video, let me know if you have any questions! The battery is an High Voltage bank, made of brand new lithium chemistry. Fully saturated voltage is 350v. I use 1 battery, 1 Taramps T 60k wired at .5 ohm on 6 SSA Evils.
  2. Sencheezy

    230 DCV Car Audio Build

    I had such a great weekend! I'll post some pictures now. Here you can see how I managed to view my charging levels while in the house. There is no auto shut off, so once it hits 270, I turn it off. Here was my resting Voltage moments before going into the lane. This was after about 1 hour of low music volume during the drive-in. Here showing off the new Bass Knob. So this was the highest of the day, I very much babied it because of the new recones. Hoping I can reach my goal of 167 next month. And this is what I left with. I took home 1st place in MECA M5 and MECA RadX earning 2 TN State Championship Titles!
  3. Sencheezy

    230 DCV Car Audio Build

    Come to KY brother. I do believe I may try to come to Wake the Dead on Oct 29th I believe.
  4. Sencheezy

    230 DCV Car Audio Build

    Well for reference: 6 Evil 15s 10 cuft sealed 35 cuft ported 900 sqin of port I play strong from 28hz to about 54hz. I can play 26hz and I squeeze my butt cheeks at 24hz (too low). My port was tuned at 48hz and my peak is around 49hz. The subs are inverted (for cooling). I want to test the other way, since now I have so much power. I have noticed in particular with my build, the two front subs, top and bottom nearest the port, have been receiving more excursion causing some issues with those subs. I've also had 1 sub in the back fail before as well. That was an etho tho, not an evil. Remember my build is subs facing side wall, exiting the front port. I hope these key points will aid you some with your enclosure design. If I was to change, I would do all subs and port forward. If I wanted a crap ton of power and subs, I would use a tool, such as MiniDSP.com to time align the subwoofers.
  5. Sencheezy

    Sonus car audio middle TN

    Maybe, but doesn't ring a bell. How far is Sonus from Nashville?
  6. Sencheezy

    230 DCV Car Audio Build

    I kind of seen what went down in your other post, I do apologize for that. Message me on FB brother and I will try to help you achieve your goals with what you want to do with your system.
  7. Sencheezy

    Sonus car audio middle TN

    I'm in Nashville, never heard of them.
  8. Sencheezy

    230 DCV Car Audio Build

    I will see you soon!
  9. Sencheezy

    230 DCV Car Audio Build

    Some more updates from over the night! So far, we got the battery rank mounted and secured. We have the batteries in place. I removed all the pre-existing wire for the subs and batteries. We mounted and secured the amp rack support system. Things to do: We have to run and crimp 70 lugs for the subs, and 25 lugs for the top half of the battery bank. I'm using JY Power for the wiring, and SHCA for the terminals. Mount the amp board then mount the amp on top of that. And at that point, everything should be playing. I wish I could charge the bank up, I'm not sure what it's resting at, it hasn't been charged since Slamology.
  10. Sencheezy

    230 DCV Car Audio Build

    Nashville. We have a huge show this weeknd around your parks actually.
  11. Sencheezy

    230 DCV Car Audio Build

    Since the Mike Smiley Incident, me and a few locals have began the building process for Valerie for World Finals. The first thing we're attaching is the amp rack. Ultimately, we want it out of steel, but because of time, it may be out of wood as a temp setup. I've also scratched the idea of running 22 agm D3400s. I have now set my eye on Lithium HV. So for World Finals, my goal will remain 165 outlaw with 3 amps and 18 D3400s. Please keep in my mind, no matter how many 60ks I throw in there, based off my battery bank, I can only have 35-45kw. The below picture is the mock-up. The below image is for my future power plant. The below image is of the proposed bank from JY Power. The specs: 27 13.3v cells in series. 396dcv fully charged, 359dcv float.
  12. Sencheezy

    230 DCV Car Audio Build

    Same here. No progress in 3 months, several missed shows, and no refund? smh.
  13. Sencheezy

    230 DCV Car Audio Build

  14. Sencheezy

    230 DCV Car Audio Build

    Well, long story short, Mike Smiley (my builder) has had my vehicle since the last update which was built by Brandon Otis from Good Vibrations down in Florida. And there was nearly 0% work done since then. I have a lot of ahead of me to get this ready for world finals and point chasing, and I will keep everyone updated. Here is all the amps I have in my hopefully 167 build. Also to be added is 4 more D3400s.
  15. Sencheezy

    237 Volts with 6 15" SSA Evils and Taramps

    good job seeing the little details! My vehicle is very unusual, which I kind of like it that way. My truck doesn't flex a lot, it doesn't blow air out the window 10 ft, but inside the cabin in the two front seats, a total roller coaster man. lo..